Systems Failed after Wheel reconfiguration

Systems Failed after Wheel reconfiguration

I switched out my 21" rims to 19" with all season tires today. I got a message to change the configuration in the Service area of the Controls section to 19"s. Immediately I lost regenerative braking, traction control, stability control and cruise control. Anyone know why this would happen with just a configuration change to the car? 2016 90D

Anthony J. Parisio | 30. Oktober 2019

Should not happen. Did you deep reboot?

jman3463 | 30. Oktober 2019

I'll try it. Thanks.

jman3463 | 30. Oktober 2019

Thanks Anthony -- Reboot brought back 4 of the systems immediately. Cruise control came back after about 10 miles of driving. Go figure.

hiimphilll | 30. Oktober 2019

has happened to me also and is repeatable. I believe it’s a bug or a ‘feature’ if you have an application where you want traction control and regen off completely.

vlad22 | 30. Oktober 2019

There are posts on tmc that when this happens you can drift your car as everything is disabled :) going to try this weekend on a frozen lake .

jordanrichard | 31. Oktober 2019

Rule number one with a Tesla. when in doubt, reboot. It should automatically be the first thing one does, if something seems or is glitch.

mike.zawislak | 31. Oktober 2019

I put aftermarket tire pressure sensors on my 19” wheels last fall. The tire size reset option had a tire pressure sensor reset option that worked perfectly. The sensors worked as designed throughout the following 8 months I used the wheels. I switched to the 21” wheels for the summer and those sensors worked perfectly as well. After the last software update, the tire pressure system error showed up. Figuring it was a sensor failure, I went back to have the 19’ Wheels installed and the error message went off for about 12 hours. Came back on and hasn’t gone off since. These are the same sensors that worked fine in the Spring. Now Tesla tells me I have to pay over $1000 to upgrade the total system with new sensors and a receiver. How is it that the hardware that worked fine last March, now has to be upgraded to function? By the way, the sensor configuration option is no longer on the wheel size change screen.

freeewilly | 01. November 2019

Had the same problem, reboot about 5 times to get all the functions back.