Business Insider Coverage of TSLA

Business Insider Coverage of TSLA

I've noticed Business Insider tends to use sensationalistic headlines in general but when about TSLA the headline and content don't always match.

Their recent survey of M3 owners is one of the first I've seen.

OCModel3 | 01. November 2019

I've removed Business Insider from my Apple News feeds. They have a writer or maybe even be owned by someone who has a short position in TSLA stock. Blatant attempt at manipulating the stock but of course the SEC turns a blind eye and is more worried about Elon's tweets.

CST | 01. November 2019

BI is known to short-shaft Tesla.

SteveWin1 | 01. November 2019

At the bottom of that mostly-positive article:

"Are you a current or former Tesla employee? Do you have an opinion about what it's like to work there? Contact this reporter at You can ask for more secure methods of communication, like Signal or ProtonMail, by email or Twitter direct message."

I'm sure that's not a hit-piece in the making...nope not at all. /s

gballant4570 | 01. November 2019

The survey was by Bloomberg. BI just re-contented it, which tells you a lot about what BI is. Mostly crap.