Fun or Unusual Uses for the Frunk

Fun or Unusual Uses for the Frunk

We use our frunk for pretty boring stuff. Mostly it's where we keep the emergency car stuff, like snow chains, lift pucks and tire pump. Yawn. The most fun thing is our folder of winery notes.

But we stopped at the Harris Ranch, CA Supercharger about two weeks ago, and saw another Model 3 with an unexpected use of the frunk. It was a baby changing station! They had it lined with a mat, and a small pillow at one end. As we approached, a little toddler was standing up in the frunk, with dad just finishing getting him all buttoned up. Pretty cute!

So what other fun or creative uses of the frunk have you come up with, or seen from other people?

IHaveArrived | 31. Oktober 2019

The frunk is almost perfectly twice as wide (left/right) as it is front/back. My favorite pizza restaurant uses to-go boxes that square and are almost exactly 1/2 the size of the frunk. Because the floor of the frunk is slanted, I cut and bent a piece of cardboard from a box to create a level surface. Now when I get two pizzas I put them in the frunk, which holds them securely because of the size being just right, and keeps the pizza smell out of the car interior.

The baby changing thing also has that advantage -- any "accidents" will stay out of the car interior.

Smhach | 31. Oktober 2019

Why would you not want to have pizza smell in your car?

TabascoGuy | 31. Oktober 2019
IHaveArrived | 31. Oktober 2019

@smhach that's just a secondary benefit. The primary benefit is how securely the boxes sit in the frunk as I drive home.

Smhach | 31. Oktober 2019

Well i cant argue with secure pizza. Saw this hack: use a water bottle to level out pizza boxes when putting them on car seat.

vmulla | 31. Oktober 2019

Today is going to be frunk or treat day.

rxlawdude | 31. Oktober 2019

32lb Thanksgiving turkey, cooked.


MalibuRed | 31. Oktober 2019

We use our Frunk for any take out and parties. We have a ice chest that fits it perfectly and we simple throw in ice or put in take out close the lid and Frunk and no smelling up the car or on a long trip we stock it full of drinks snacks and baby wipes etc for those charging stops.

Pg3ibew | 31. Oktober 2019

If you know how to butcher a dead body properly, it fits perfectly.

andy | 31. Oktober 2019

My frunk normally carries my briefcase and lunch bag, but what I really want to do is store a Brompton in it. Sadly the seat post makes the Brompton 2” too big. I need a quick release seatpost...

jimglas | 31. Oktober 2019

i keep my meth and guns there

CharleyBC | 31. Oktober 2019

@Pg3ibew: Now I know why your handle ends with "ew". I mean, ewwww!

FISHEV | 31. Oktober 2019

There's a pic around with a small dog in the frunk filled with little airballs. My eyes went right to the tiny little claws on the paint but it's best use I've seen for the frunk.

Joshan | 31. Oktober 2019

Its where I keep anything valuable as the trunk is far easier to break into.

kevin_rf | 31. Oktober 2019

I have my dogs well trained, and I don't have to go to the effort of putting the pizza in the frunk. They will guard that pizza better than sentry mode!

zerogravitydrgn | 31. Oktober 2019

Frunk is for food leftovers

PteRoy | 31. Oktober 2019

1 bag of chicken feed.

jrweiss98020 | 31. Oktober 2019

Fire Extinguisher

in7 | 31. Oktober 2019

Hampster cage with hampster running on a treadmill. And you claim it is the engine.

HighlandPony | 31. Oktober 2019

Great place for firewood while camping. But for fun I pop the hood and tell people it’s a wood fired car when they ask about it.

dsvick | 01. November 2019

I still like putting groceries in there, if for no other reason than to see the look on people's faces as I seemingly empty the shopping cart into my engine .....

CharleyBC | 01. November 2019

Creativity points for @in7 and @HighlandPony!

Manjushr | 01. November 2019

Yesterday- our have-a-heart trap finally caught the skunk who's been trying to dig into the chicken coop. We elegantly dropped a blanket overt, and be it known- the midsize have a heart trap fits perfectly in the Frunk. No risk to the rest of the car if the skunk decided to spray. In the end, the skunk didn't spray on the short ride down to the forested watershed.

WW_spb | 01. November 2019

I wonder if you can store frozen fish on ice there or lil kiddie clowns gang ;)

Tesla2018 | 01. November 2019

Wonder if its possible to mount a TV in there? I saw a model X that a former coworker has that has a big screen TV mounted in the back facing outward that they use at tailgate parties.
She has some type of satellite thing that goes on the roof to get various channels.