Phone in purse not recognized by car

Phone in purse not recognized by car

When I approach car with my phone in my purse the car does not recognize it until I take it out of my purse which is inconvenient. Any ideas why and possible solutions?

Joshan | 31. Oktober 2019

move your purse closer. Also does not work in my back pocket unless I turn my hips towards the car. It is a very short distance.

lbowroom | 31. Oktober 2019

It is inconvenient, but don't you take it out of your purse after you get in the car to put it on the charging shelf? Is your purse a single cavity in the middle or is there a pocket on the outside that you could possibly put it in?

wendishen | 31. Oktober 2019

Is your purse large; more like a handbag? I keep my phone in the main compartment of my purse (not a large purse) and sometimes I have to pull the purse up near the pillar to unlock the car.

mcmack15 | 31. Oktober 2019

My wife gave up on the phone and card and has been using her fob exclusively for at least six months now. Not the best solution for many, but she no longer gets aggravated before she even gets in the car, and is very happy with the fob.

daryl.huff | 31. Oktober 2019

Is your purse designed to block RFID signals? There are many purses (and wallets) designed to do exactly this. Even if is not marketed to block radio signals, it may well have that characteristic.

rfpmoxie | 31. Oktober 2019

@Joshan Joshan's post of a couple of months ago solved my issue 99% of the time. Although it probably won't make any difference is the front of your phone facing the door? If not perhaps it will make a difference. Good luck.

dmastro | 31. Oktober 2019

I have a similar problem... when I approach the car with my iPhone in my pocket, proximity unlock doesn't work. Once I take out my phone and activate the display, the car will unlock.

I'm starting to wonder if the proximity sensor on the iPhone causes it to "sleep" such that it's not broadcasting whatever bluetooth signal the Tesla is looking for.

jdcollins5 | 31. Oktober 2019

My wife has this issue with certain pocketbooks but not with others. It seems to depend on the thickness of the outer material and where the phone is inside the pocketbook.

Joshan | 31. Oktober 2019

some power savings modes will do things like that.

LoveMyM3 | 31. Oktober 2019

I had the exact opposite problem today. I walked into my garage this morning as always with a connected phone in my pocket and the key card in my wallet. The car unlocked as it is supposed to. However, on pressing the brake pedal, it asked for me to put the keycard on the center console. I was puzzled. So I hit park again and retried, this time it turned on and I pulled out of my garage and reached office. When I came out the car wouldn't lock. It is then I realized that I forgot the phone at home.

I am concerned about how the car unlocked, powered on and let me drive without a phone or the use of the key card. Anyone else had a similar experience.

Resist | 31. Oktober 2019

Lately my car doesn't unlock with my phone in my hand and the app running in the background. It seems to be getting worse. I always have to fully open the app for the car to unlock. Technology for the sake of technology doesn't make it useful, think I'd rather the car used a key.

NKYTA | 31. Oktober 2019

Keys, or other metal may interfere, as well. Known issue with S fobs.

Bennettb619 | 01. November 2019

Lovemym3 I once left my purse with phone on the driveway, drove to Starbucks got out and the car locked. I was shocked that the car would drive without phone or card in it. I’m more careful now. Thank goodness the kind people at Starbucks had someone drive me home and back.

Bennettb619 | 01. November 2019

Lovemym3 I once left my purse with phone on the driveway, drove to Starbucks got out and the car locked. I was shocked that the car would drive without phone or card in it. I’m more careful now. Thank goodness the kind people at Starbucks had someone drive me home and back.

wiboater4 | 01. November 2019

I've noticed mine seems to have lost range too since updates. Notice it mainly when I walk up to the back of the car in garage to unplug. Sometimes I can just open the trunk manually and then it kicks in.

LoveMyM3 | 01. November 2019

This is concerning. Wonder if the car unlocked/powered on as the purse in the driveway was kind of close to the car. My phone was at a different level in my home and the car let me pull out of my driveway. Fortunately, I did have my key card in my pocket as a backup (which I never took out) if I was truly stranded.

I wrote to Tesla they have asked to just soft reboot and if that does not work a hard reboot! How am I supposed to tell if it worked? It happened only once in 14 months.

Now my bedroom is above my garage. Could that have let that happen? It would still be unsafe I think. Say you are parked in someone's driveway and you are in proximity inside the house someone can drive away in your car? Perhaps we should activate the PIN feature.

Joshan | 01. November 2019

@LoveMyM3 if that ever happens again all you need is a phone. You can unlock and start the car via the Tesla app and delete it from their phone when done. You could also call anyone you trust and have them do the same via their phone if you share the login info.

Joshan | 01. November 2019

er actually that reply was for @Bennettb619

Joshan | 01. November 2019

@LoveMyM3 you should absolutely have PIN to drive on IMO. As I stated above the car can be unlocked and driven with only the app. If someone guesses or hacks your password they can take your car.

The PIN adds a second layer of authentication, at least that is my hope :)

dmastro | 01. November 2019

I always use PTD. I frequently leave my phone in the car so it's a necessity for me.

Bennettb619 | 01. November 2019

Thanks Josh. Good idea. I never thought of all I have to do is remember my sign in and password. The joys of being an octogenarian.

senspeed | 01. November 2019

I have the same problem with phone in pocket. Tesla should figure this out and fix it!!!!!

Joshan | 01. November 2019

Fix what? I believe it is working as intended.

JimShaw | 01. November 2019

What I did that solved the problem and made it easy for my wife and that was step up and purchase the new updated key fob for the M3 with passive entrance

Works perfect.

If I'm driving and my wife is going along, I'll wait for her to get close the M3 and open the door. That's when I open the driver's door.

With her along and the fob in her purse, I don't have to pull out the cell, open the Tesla ap, wait for the ap to update and connect to the M3.

I'm am very happy I spent the money. The fob makes it extremely easy for my wife.

HolyGhost | 01. November 2019

Nice to know I'm not doing something wrong...It is frustrating standing outside the car looking like you don't know how to get in it! It is very fickle - I haven't been able to figure out how and why it works and when it doesn't.

4barkie | 02. November 2019

As long as my purse is not more or less behind my body, the phone works 99% of the time. It doesn't seen to matter the size of the purse. On the rare occasion it doesn't work if I shift it slightly that fixes the problem.