Why is my RWD LR Model 3 only getting 300 miles max of range?

Why is my RWD LR Model 3 only getting 300 miles max of range?

After that update that actually INCREASED the maximum possible range of my RWD LR Model 3 (purchased Nov/18) to 325 miles, I actually DID have it charge to that amount for long trips on a couple of occasions, and this wasn't that long ago. Now when I charge fully, however (as I just did in preparation for another long trip), I'm getting "Charging Complete" and the total range is only 300 miles, which is a significant drop (to me) for a car less than a year old (with 13,500 miles on it). What gives? Thanks for any thoughts -
- D.D.

AZTesla | 01. November 2019

It is all just a projection/estimate. Don't worry about it.

spuzzz123 | 01. November 2019

There's been a ton of discussion and a lot of opinions on that. The most seasoned EV owners will say that the range estimator is not precise (just like your fuel gauge or mileage estimator in your ice is not very precise). The estimator is intended to give you a general idea when you need to recharge, roughly how far you have to go, and assist in trip planning/charging stop logistics.

If you drove your car, non-stop, in warm, dry, nonwindy, flat conditions at a conservative speed (say 65 mph) then you should be able to get the rated range.

ODWms | 01. November 2019

As well as not having passengers or gear, using climate control.

Iwantmy3 | 01. November 2019

What is the temperature outside? I have seen a strong correlation between ambient temperature and maximum charge.

gballant4570 | 01. November 2019

My 100% charge also reduced fairly suddenly as few months ago. I do not think it is battery degradation, since it was not gradual - although there was around 17k-18k mileage at the time. The reduction however is within the 3% that has been the warranty expectation limit for the first year.

I think it's simply a change in the way the SOC mileage estimate is made. My lifetime wh/m avg is 238, so much of my driving between charge cycles is right around the EPA wh/m basis. At that wh/m level, the energy graph function estimates my range as more than the SOC estimate, which is the basis for my doubt that battery degradation is a significant factor in this.

Let's see what the next few software updates bring.

HighlandPony | 01. November 2019
rxlawdude | 01. November 2019

I'm seeing similar (range now 303 miles, LR RWD 44K miles) in TeslaFi.

This may be software induced rather than something real, but 3% degradation after almost two years and 44K miles seems about right.

Big-B | 01. November 2019

I'm going to throw in my theory. Even though I never charge to 100%, I usually check the % versus miles and estimate 100% battery miles. This consistently gives me a number of 305 miles. As an example; 250 miles is 82% (250 / .82 = 305). Now I have never reset Trip Odometer A, so I have a lifetime average of 256 Wh/mi, which the rated is 240 Wh/mi. So if you divide the average by the rated (256/240) then multiply by the estimated 100% full (305), I get 325 miles. Maybe our estimated range is taking into account our average efficiency, which is why there is so much variation

gballant4570 | 01. November 2019

Big-B, then I should be getting EPA rated range estimate @ 100% charge due to my lifetime avg of 238 wh/m. But I am not.

gmr6415 | 01. November 2019

My guess-o-meter shows 304 at 100%, but I just did a long trip and averaged 219 Wh/mi. So although my guess-o-meter states 304, I'm getting 342 miles on a full charge.

I'm not complaining.

40milecommuter | 01. November 2019

LR RWD. Most I've ever seen was 316 after the supposed range update. Lately I was getting 296 - 298 max on full charge. (TelsaFi numbers) I ran it down to 10%, charged to 100% twice. Got it to go to 303 on second try. Went on a long trip over the weekend. Twice i charged to 100% on a supercharger. Got to 308 first try and 308 second. This week using my charger at home I can now get 308...again, TelsaFi numbers charging to 90% but showing what it would be at 100%. If you can't get the advertised range, I suggest using a SuperCharger and charge to 100% several times.

FISHEV | 01. November 2019

Testing showed that the 2019.32.x.x software update reduced range on Model 3's about 5% per the testers. Also the Rated Range got messed with also so that has become a little more unreliable as it bounces around as though it is taking into account owner driver factors vs just the capacity of the battery x fixed number. In case of the 325 LR RWD, it would be 325/75kWh, 4.33 miles per kWh. It has gotten much more variable.

gballant4570 | 01. November 2019

gmr6415, that is my point. The SOC mileage estimate changed, but my actual range did not. Like charging practices, people are thinking about this way too much. I'm not saying I don't understand, range is an important thing. It turns out that after you've owned an EV for some time that importance lessens just a bit though.

M3phan | 01. November 2019

My LR RWD recalibrated from a recent drop to 300 back up to 320 after doing three in a row cycles of “drain to 10%-charge back to 100%”

Frank99 | 01. November 2019

Two days ago I charged my car to 80%, and the guess-o-meter said 245 miles of range. Drove about 50 miles yesterday, and charged again last night without changing anything. This morning the guess-o-meter said 253 miles. Little to no change in temperature, no change in the car, no software update.
Don’t get wrapped around the axle about what the estimated range shows. The Stats app is excellent for looking at long term trends; it shows my estimated max range dropping from 310 to 309 miles over the last 10,000 miles. I’m OK.

gmr6415 | 02. November 2019

@gballant4570, +1. People are simply giving way too much credit to the wrong number.

Maybe Tesla needs to switch to a gauge that shows full, half full, quarter full and empty. I never heard anyone complain when that was the common guess-o-meter.

FISHEV | 02. November 2019

"it shows my estimated max range dropping from 310 to 309 miles over the last 10,000 miles. I’m OK."

Here's my StatsApp graph with it showing range after 6 months, 10,000 miles is 300. 3% range loss. But the Rated Range has been all over the map. The graph does show two charging sessions that showed steep decline. Outliers to be sure but outliers that have not shown up before and now I have two of them very recently.

I'm a bit of torture test as I have no home charging, use the DC fast charging exclusively and occasionally run battery into the red before getting to the SC and doing frequent charges due to the high miles.

Last update took away range per 3rd party tests, new regen is supposed ot add some range and new M3 LR AWD's had their range raised to 322 for $500. New software is also supposed to increase power by 5%.

Have to wait for all the software changes to settle down but, as Bjorn Nyland points out, the Rated Range is not reliable anymore. He's going to "brick" his car to find out it's true range after the lastest changes. He may wait for the most recent update to the update before he does that.

FISHEV | 02. November 2019

Here's the link to the StatsApp image on battery degradation.