265/40 tires

265/40 tires


I am planning to change my rims and tires for my car. I am leaning towards 265/40/18 tires squared. But before I order, I would like to see if any of you encountered any issue with the size? Any rubbing issue?

Thank you in advance.

walnotr | 01. November 2019

Not sure about the rubbing but I’m sure you will have a significant range loss. I think I heard today 255/40/18 was about the max and still be flush with the fender well.

Just looked again and the Tesla Owners Club podcast today talks about tire sizes at time stamp 1:19.43

walnotr | 01. November 2019

Sorry, today’s Tesla Owner's Online podcast.

lbowroom | 01. November 2019

If that's on an 18" x 9.5" wheel then it would be same rolling diameter and is the size that many track enthusiasts prefer.

olrac_168 | 01. November 2019

Thank you! Yes it would be on 18x9.5 rims.