How to log in properly. You're welcome! ;)

How to log in properly. You're welcome! ;)

Something that's bugged me from day 1 is the login procedure on the forum.

If you get timed-out, a login button appears. Most of the time when you click that login button, you actually get a "logout" page and have to click a second login button to get to the actual login page. That login page won't remember where you originally came from since its 2 steps away from the forum, so you'll end up at your account page or the page. If you hit back to try to get back to the forum, you'll end up going past that annoying "logout" page before you get there, which will log you out again before you can get back to the forum.

When you get logged out, hold CTRL and click that login button. An extra tab will show up in your browser with that pesky "logout" page. Ignore or close that tab. Now just click on that login button again. It will take you straight to the login page, which will now remember that you came from the forum and when you log in, you'll be back here and you can continue complaining about Fish without missing a beat! :)

SteveWin1 | 01. November 2019

Apple computers may have another way of opening links in a new tab. I only use Linux and Windows on a regular basis and that's the procedure there.

On android, you can long press the login button and click "open in new tab" and do the same thing. I'm sure iPhones have something similar.

TranzNDance | 01. November 2019

I right click the browser back button and select the forum page.

beaver | 01. November 2019

Yeah this behavior is really annoying on my iPhone.

syclone | 01. November 2019

Poor Babies!

CASP3R | 01. November 2019

As an interface designer by profession, I can assure you that there are a TON of usability issues with this Forum site as well as the Tesla site. It fascinates me that this is acceptable by/for a company that makes such a great product.
You are not alone.

edwpang | 01. November 2019

It happens to me too on a windows PC. It's really annoying at first, but now I get used to it.

JAD | 01. November 2019

If they fixed it you know people would complain they wasted resources and could have had fsd working perfectly if they hadn't wasted so much time on the forum and Easter eggs???

SteveWin1 | 01. November 2019

Haha. So true JAD!