False Car Alarm

False Car Alarm

My wife took car with our Baby in back. Baby fell asleep and my wife pulled over, parked, locked the door, turned off her phone and had a nap. When baby woke, she opened the car door and the alarm went off! It was so loud that we are concerned it damaged the babies hearing! I understand why this happened (phone turning off told car no one was there). My point is that there is data available to determine if the vehicle is still occupied (seat sensor and doors locked from inside), regardless of the phone. Let's make a code fix to enhance and prevent this issue.

Frank99 | 01. November 2019


lbowroom | 01. November 2019

Interesting use scenario. Did she turn the phone off to not be disturbed during her nap? Was she unaware that she could turn the alarm off in settings as well? Did she take her seatbelt off and open and shut the door by any chance?

-TheJohn- | 01. November 2019

Sentry mode requires one to turn it on yes?
Don't turn it on if you're in the car is the answer.

M3phan | 02. November 2019

@ -TheJohn- , There are separate toggle settings for sentry and car alarm. One can toggle off sentry and car alarm will still be on or off based on is own seperate toggle

HighlandPony | 02. November 2019

This issue comes up when you sleep/camp in your car. The trick is to turn your phone on and make sure the car is awake and Bluetooth connected to it before opening the door.