2 years supercharging

2 years supercharging

Has anyone who was [promised the 2 years supercharging for receiving their M 3 before quarter end actually received it? Seems a little slow to deliver. And, how do we know when we get it?

ronbandel | 06. November 2019

Picked up my car a month ago. If you go to your Tesla home page, under details it should show.

CASEMAN | 08. November 2019

Yep! Took about 10 days.

michaellemus10 | 09. November 2019

Not yet. Picked up mine at the end of September 2019 and my account still shows pay per use supercharging.

bcaslis | 09. November 2019

Yes, I got mine in about 10 days after delivery also.

bills4pmc | 09. November 2019

I bought and took possession at the end of September, and still do not have it on my account. I have been in very frequent contact with the folks at the "store" where I bought, and I truly believe they have been doing everything they can think of, but I still have no reliable info as to when I will see it activated. I am very disappointed about this. I love the car, but honestly this experience is not giving me great confidence in the company or eagerness to buy again in the future. And frankly, the inability to get a human being on the phone other than the sales folks (who, again, have been great) is extremely frustrating.

awww | 13. November 2019

Still waiting as well. Owner adviser that sold me the car has been useless.

jimdoran64 | 13. November 2019

yes; Took about 2 weeks back in Sept.

jeff.linger | 13. November 2019

got mine 2 to 3 weeks after purchese in september in vancouver bc this year