Sentry Non-Events

Sentry Non-Events

I use the very handy SentryView app on my phone to view what are called Sentry events as reported on the car’s screen. What I find is that in almost every case there is nothing to look at. There are often 5 6 7 or more files, but when reviewing them there is nothing to see.

Anyone else have this experience

EVRider | 09. November 2019

Near the end of each event's video, you should see whatever triggered the event, usually someone walking or parking next to your car, including you when you return to the car. I've learned to ignore the events, unless I see damage to the car.

wick | 09. November 2019

Ah. You’re right. I wish those event reports could be a little more discriminating. I have wasted a lot of time playing file after file.

Thanks for your clarification.

Takeo McCauley | 11. November 2019

wick, I'm with you... the event reports could be more discriminating. Perhaps a discriminating factor would be whenever there is any kind of contact with the vehicle. That broad brush stroke might capture what we want to view.

Frank99 | 11. November 2019

IMHO, the best thing that Tesla could do would be to release a player (either on the screen, or Android/IOS/MacOS/Windows/Linux) that showed the moment that Sentry decided to flag. I'd love it if I saw a "Sentry event occurred" message on the screen, and I could touch it when I get in the car and have 5 seconds of video play. At the very least, it'd let me decide whether or not I needed to pull the Flash drive and take it in the house for deeper review (or get out of the car and check for damage).
I'm sure that something like this is on the list of future enhancements - getting Sentry mode out at all was likely a high-priority, polishing it is apparently a significantly lower priority.

Takeo McCauley | 11. November 2019

Great idea. IHMO, both suggestions would go hand-in-hand complimenting each other; some discrimination and viewing the video on-screen.