Bluetooth Connectivity- Not connecting as before

Bluetooth Connectivity- Not connecting as before

Since maybe 2 weeks ago my Model 3 and phone don't automatically connect when I approach the car like it has before. I don't know if it's the car or my phone, so I've rebooted both a couple of times but no change.

Previous State. I walk up to the car with the phone in my pocket, the phone and car immediately connect (most of the time) and I open the door without any delay.

Current State. I approach the car with the phone in my pocket or in hand, and the doors remain locked. I wait a few extra seconds allowing more time for the handshake to happen, but they still don't connect. I then open the Tesla app on my phone, THEN they connect and I can open the door. I don't know if they would have connected if I continued to wait, but even still, both devices do not connect immediate as before.

Impacts. This is an annoyance and a hassle- ensure I have a free hand to operate my phone and either pocket the phone so I can use that hand to open the door or finagle the phone in my hand so I can also use the door handle.

Has this happened to any now or previously? Any user fixes I can try or is this something on the Tesla side? Note: my phone and other Bluetooth devices connect immediately or nearly immediately (i.e. no connectivity change with other devices). THX. | 11. November 2019

It sounds like the Tesla app is being closed. It needs to remain running. Less likely, but perhaps another app is interfering with the Bluetooth connection. Did you install any other apps when the problem started? Another trick is to uninstall and reinstall the Tesla app. Sometimes that corrects phone oddities.

Also, you didn't state your phone type - Android or iPhone, which may help in getting a more specific answer.

Takeo McCauley | 11. November 2019

Android. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge.

jrweiss98020 | 11. November 2019

I also noticed that since the v10 update my phone (Android 6.0) takes much longer to connect. If I don't "preconnect" before walking to the car, it will as often as not trigger the Sentry, and make me fish out my key card...

EVRider | 11. November 2019

Check your app settings on the phone and make sure the Tesla app is allowed to run in the background.