My Tesla feels new again! With the 36.2.1 update

My Tesla feels new again! With the 36.2.1 update

1 year owner of the RWD LW and have been loving the car since!
And now it just got one of the best updates to compliment ver 10.
The performance boost and the one pedal driving.
I feel like the full regen option should have always been there. It was pretty annoying with it kicking off at the last 5mph.
This way feels so much more natural for such a masterpiece of a car. I cant imagine ever going back to the old stopping method.
Did the RWD get an extra speed boost its really ripping now it feels more like a 10% boost.
Absolutely love it. Tesla has my heart yet.

wayne | 12. November 2019

I absolutely agree.

triton3 | 12. November 2019

Agree, 36.2.1 is the best update so far, IMO even better than the so called 'version 10' release! One pedal driving is amazing, no more accidental rolling backwards when the breaks arent engaged.

jimglas | 12. November 2019

I couldn't "feel" the power upgrade
ut the more aggressive regen on the brakes is impossible to miss

vmulla | 12. November 2019

If you're going to compare versions from the past 2018.24.1 was the update I was most happy with. That's the update where AP stopped ping-ponging within a lane.

rob.kibler | 12. November 2019

Woohoo! | 12. November 2019

I am on the early release schedule, so this is my second update, for the power boost and regen. To be honest I am not really sure if I felt the power upgrade in either software update, (Long range RWD) , but this update the regen is not nearly as strong as it was, after the first update the regen was so strong, it took me a day or so to get used to it. Now after 36.2.1, it nowhere near where it was, and I miss it. I am sure after a few days I will get used to it again though.

andy | 12. November 2019

The car felt great driving home today. 50 miles on streets and motorways and the handling was greatly improved. I'd like the one foot driving to feel a little more like the Leaf - but it is getting there and giving us a setting that makes the braking slightly more aggressive would ring it into line. The pedel is going in the right direction and could be further tweaked over time.

One think that continues to irk is the fact that putting the car isn park at stop junctions and lights, as recommended int he Highway Code and when learning to drive, causes the car to out the cabin lights on. Hold isn't the same as having the handbrake on.

The car also felt more confident in autopilot.

M3Dreamin’ | 12. November 2019

May be a placebo effect, but I felt the car is zippier at lower speeds

andy | 12. November 2019

Love the driving improvements. Would like the settings for the braking to be tweaked to bring it more into line with the Leaf where you really can drive with the one pedal and the car domes to rest more quickly when you lift. Tesla implementation feels a little conservative. Maybe a deliberate design choice to keep it gentle initially and to see how people react.

Would agree that this one feature is the biggest single improvement that I've had in software.

The_Flash | 12. November 2019

just got the update. can't wait to go out to test. :)

wayne | 12. November 2019

We will appreciate the “conservative” brake implementation on slippery roads. I like it just the way it is. That said a variable setting would always be nice.

StealthP3D | 12. November 2019

Before update, I never heard my wheels slip at acceleration, after update, I hear them slip a bit. So it's definitely zippier.

drvanaardt | 12. November 2019

I’d love to know by how much the acceleration has improved by the numbers! I agree this was a great update. Noticed a bug though, couldn’t see my tire pressures. I’m sure they’ll patch that soon, others have mentioned it too - sent in a bug report.

jebinc | 12. November 2019

Yes, does feel "new" again - throttle re-mapping and added power! Drives like a different LR AWD now. Still grinning!

raqball | 12. November 2019

I agree with the OP the car feels new!

Love one pedal driving and the new visualizations are pretty nice...

jea037 | 12. November 2019

Will all Model 3s get this update?

Kary993 | 12. November 2019

Didn't notice anything faster with my M3P which I think I shouldn't, but the Single pedal driving is simply awesome!!!!

PteRoy | 12. November 2019

I wish Tesla would update my wife

jebinc | 12. November 2019


Did you check to see if she’s connected to WiFi? Well, did you?!

PteRoy | 12. November 2019

I think her software is too saggy. Needs a full replacement.

Mike UpNorth_ | 12. November 2019

I'm with @stealthP3D I could feel tires slipping today. Almost never before. Love it.

Anyone notice Spotify is less buggy? 30 mile drive, multiple stops, didn't have to do the Spotify-slacker-spotify fix once. That's a great improvement.

vmulla | 12. November 2019

My observations:
- Power increase is wow!! Feels like more than 10%
- Power in chill mode is the same. That's good
- Visualization is much better. Zooming out/in with context is nice.
- Stop lights detected sooner. Not responding to amber light yet.
- Smoother braking.
- No neck snapping acceleration when following other cars at the stop lights. Nice.
- Little drift from center within a lane - more natural feeling driving.
- More confident summon. I need more tries to confirm.
-Braking along a route that was previously maintaining a steady speed, more human like.
- Music felt better. Need more time with this to confirm.

EAPme | 12. November 2019

Amen. Love this update just as much as I did V9 and maybe even more than V10.

LR RWD definitely feels zippier in in my unscientific, butt in the seat, make shit fly around in the car kind of way (think sunglasses, water bottle, wallet, etc. going yardsale).

I like how the brake light animation has a reflection which makes it a little easier to see. Maybe it was there before but it seems sharper and more contrasted.

Love. It.

spuzzz123 | 12. November 2019

Lr rwd here. Totally agree - the perf increase is real and noticeable. I don’t think it’s placebo effect... I wasn’t even expecting anything: I thought the performance improvements were only for dual motor variants.

Honestly this feels like it did for the first month I owned it back in April 2018. About a month or two after that, an ota was delivered and almost everyone in the forums swore that the power had been decreased. I too felt the power had faded but dismissed it as me just getting desensitized to new ev experience.

Now I’m feeling that same snap back in my seat that I remember.

Heres another thought. Remember last spring when one of the otas was supposed to deliver a 5% increase in peak power? I noticed no power difference then. Is it possible that never got delivered to rwd variants and they are only just now delivering it?

sroh | 12. November 2019

I just received the update. One brake driving is fantastic! I wasn't able to let the horses loose; that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I love my Model 3....

wiscy67 | 12. November 2019

Ok, I'll put back into Hold mode and try it again. It felt like car was dragging today.

I do like how my navigation was already set to Home when I left work today.

Will test Spotify tomorrow. I hope I no longer have to do the Spotify-Slacker-Spotify "fix" any more as someone else mentioned.

cascadiadesign | 12. November 2019

I agree with the OP. Except my 16 month old RWD LR feels BETTER than new. Of all the updates I've received since new, the one-pedal driving has changed the driveability the most (power increase is nice too, but stopping is more common than accelerating fast, at least for me :)

Took me about a day to get my right foot recalibrated to gauge when the car will stop fully. But wow, nice, smooth stops! My only concern is if I ever have to drive an ICE car in the future, I'll probably rear end somebody because the car won't respond the same as Model 3. It's like the time I drove an ICE car after owning Model 3 for 6 months - exited the car and realized I left the engine running :)


San_Diego_P3D | 12. November 2019

I love the driving dynamics of my car even more now. It feels like a video game. I want to go........there!

Fredvanngo | 12. November 2019

Just received the notice. Can't wait to download and install the upgrade tonight... RWD LR may 2018 So.Cal.

howard | 12. November 2019

Best update so far.

Mikeboult | 13. November 2019

I had to drive my wife's X5 this morning. It's so crazy how I felt 3 years ago when we purchased it to now. Can't wait to go home and test the 36.2 update.

lbowroom | 13. November 2019

"Didn't notice anything faster with my M3P which I think I shouldn't"

Noticeably more acceleration going 50+, of course you have to have the throttle pinned.

ODWms | 13. November 2019

I can feel it low end, right off the bat. Jumping on it at 40-50 mph is noticeably faster too. No question about it.

ADinM3 | 13. November 2019


- 1 Pedal driving is just meh. I will certainly take and appreciate any increase in regen strength, although hard to tell currently with the recent cold snap, but touching brake when its occasionally needed is really already a subconscious/effortless action already so nothing life changing. Maneuvering around in close quarters is more of a pain now, especially in reverse. I can/will certainly adapt, but I don't actually think it will be as fast and easy (consistently) backing quickly into a garage and precisely stopping close to an object. Much quicker to coast in and brake hard at last moment than risk coming in short and having to touch accelerator. Last think I want to do is be touching the accelerator when I am 18" away from an object. I personally think a better compromise would have been to implement HOLD going forward but keep ROLL in reverse. Maybe I will change my mind in a month, but I doubt it.

- The auto navigate on startup between home and work is meh/unnecessary as well. The quick swipe down on the navigate option is already so trivially easy, that auto routing is of little incremental value. And no doubt occasionally, it will route me when I didn't want it and will have to cancel it anyways. I assume/hope it can be disabled although I didn't look yet.

- Scheduled Departure looks like a definite thumbs up, although I haven't exercised it much yet.

- Power increase is the cat's meow (M3 LR RwD)!!! Especially above 30 mph. I've been doing so good babying the acceleration since purchasing my second set of tires at 18k miles. But I feel a relapse and backslide coming on with this release. Similar to @spuzzz, car feels closer to what I remembered in early 2018.