New Giga Factory

New Giga Factory

Love it that Tesla chose Berlin for the next factory....going in on the home turf of BMW, Mercedes, and VW Group!

jimglas | 13. November 2019

someplace for the BMW employees to go when BMW goes belly up

jordanrichard | 13. November 2019

Per Autoline Daily, BMW 3 Series sales last quarter dropped 64%. They didn't specify if that was world or U.S. sales. The Model 3 did just win what appears to be a big award in Germany, the Best Mid Size. The 3 beat out both the BMW 3 Series and Audi A3. Though this is great, it did leave me confused. Isn't the A4 and MB C-Class considered "mid-size"....?

SamO | 13. November 2019

BMW: The Ultimate Extinct Machine

andy.connor.e | 13. November 2019

BMW is currently an endangered product line.

Kary993 | 13. November 2019

Forget BMW, EM is going after VW group in their own land!

Varricks | 14. November 2019

I dunno, From what Elon says in his Tesla History talk (YouTube, worth the time to watch), I guess we'd not have a Tesla if Mercedes hadn't given them a Smart car to electrify, and a few million dollars. And they do give us some switches in the car.