Tesla Slacker Subscription ONLY good for 1 year

Tesla Slacker Subscription ONLY good for 1 year

I've had a premium slacker account for the past year, so i used those credentials in the car for music. Recently i decided to cancel my premium slacker account, and I wanted to revert back to the tesla slacker account.

When I click on the "streaming" icon in the music player, It just gives me a login screen. When I click the "Use Tesla Account" as the login option, it comes back and says invalid username/password.

My car includes premium connectivity for life. I thought slacker was part of that package?

I emailed Tesla and this is what they said!

"Hello Robby,

Thank you for contacting us with your question about accessing Slacker Radio. Your Model 3 did include a complimentary 1 year subscription to Slacker Radio with the purchase. The complimentary subscription has ended though, as the 1 year has passed. You can still continue to enjoy listening to Slacker Radio by signing up for a plus or premium Slacker account and then using your credentials to log in to that account from the car.

Thank you for being a Tesla owner and helping to transition the world to sustainable energy.


Tom B. | Tesla Support
12832 Frontrunner Blvd. Draper, UT 84020

So i followed up asking about premium connectivity for life.

"Hi Robby,

Thank you for following up with me on this request. Premium connectivity includes the access to in-car streaming music like Slacker but it does not include the subscription. With an eligible Slacker account, you can log in directly through the touchscreen on the car when you have the premium connectivity as opposed to the standard connectivity where, with the same eligible Slacker account, you would not be able to log in and listen through the car, you would pair your phone to your car and listen through the phone, using its data allowance.

Thank you for being a Tesla owner and helping to transition the world to sustainable energy.


Tom B. | Tesla Support
12832 Frontrunner Blvd. Draper, UT 84020

So i guess if your Slacker is still working, DON'T LOG OUT. I got my car August 26'th 2018

jd4714 | 13. November 2019

When did you configure it and put down the additional $2500?

jamespompi | 13. November 2019

Ive had my car since August 2018, still have premium connectivity and slacker.

ybbor | 13. November 2019

I'm definitely in the premium connectivity for life category, and I also have included supercharging for life. I put down my P3D+ EAP+FSD depots they day it opened up to me.

So this response from Tesla was a bit of a surprise.

If anyone wants to conduct an experiment and log out and back in to their tesla slacker, that would be interesting. Also, if anyone wants to email Tesla and see if they give you the same response they gave me, I would like it confirmed since this was the first I had heard of the 1 year thing.

CharleyBC | 13. November 2019

We configured in June 2018, so we have lifetime Premium Data. We got the car in July 2018. Unlike @ybbor, we never signed up for the deluxe version of Slacker--we've just used it the way it came. And it still works now, well past one year. So maybe we're lucky because we never poked at it, so to speak. Shhh.

007bond | 13. November 2019

Hmm I got my car Aug 18 2018 never tried premium but what I have is still working.

bradbomb | 13. November 2019

@ybbor I'd push back on Tesla again and hopefully get a different rep. This seems incorrect. Also, just to confirm, you configured in before July 1st, 2018? Premium Connectivity for Life was only offered on orders configured on June 30th or earlier.

ybbor | 13. November 2019

@bradbomb Yes, order and full deposit on 6/26/2018. I have Premium Connectivity for Life and tesla confirmed it.

Mike UpNorth_ | 13. November 2019

Premium connectivity, in my mind, is the 4G the car gets. The Slacker account is different IMO.

But Slacker sucks. Pay for Spotify, totally worth it.

Pg3ibew | 13. November 2019

I pay for Amazon Music and SiriusXM. I want those on my car.

bddaughe | 13. November 2019 seems the language in the manual has changed quite a bit from July 2018 to October 2019:

Note: Tesla also provides you with a complimentary Streaming Personal Radio account for four years. To use your own Slacker Plus or Premium account instead, scroll to the bottom of the Streaming source, enter your credentials, touch Use High Bitrate to stream higher quality sound (if your Model 3 is equipped with the optional Ultra High Fidelity Sound package), and then touch LOGIN. To switch back to your Tesla account, simply touch USE TESLA ACCOUNT; you don't need to enter a user name or password for our Tesla account. You can purchase your
own Slacker Plus or Premium account at Model 3 does not support basic (free) Slacker services.

P. 95 - July 3, 2018

Tesla may provide account credentials for some internet radio and music streaming services. You can use your Tesla account or you can sign in with your own account by scrolling to the bottom of the streaming service window and entering your account credentials.

P. 128 - October 30, 2019

bddaughe | 13. November 2019

It goes from saying you get a personal account for 4 years to "Tesla may provide account credentials"

ybbor | 13. November 2019

@Mike UpNorth_ Tesla would seem to agree with you; see the second email response from tesla in my OP.

I do have spotify now. I was just initially wondering why the "Use Tesla Account" on the streaming menu stopped working, and that lead me to this.

Mike UpNorth_ | 13. November 2019

Its good info to know - thanks for the post.

007bond | 13. November 2019

@ bddaughe I am not sure how to take those maybe if you ordered before July 1 you get 4 years now new cars get who knows how long. But in any case seems like @ybbor should get at the very least 4 years.

bddaughe | 13. November 2019

yeah, if car was ordered around that July time frame, may be worth quoting the manual from that date with the 4 year info.

bddaughe | 13. November 2019

to support I mean | 13. November 2019

In the past - long-long past (Model S), Tesla stated Streaming and connectivity would be for 1 year. After about 18 months (and no change), Tesla went to 4 years from that announcement date (not when the car was purchased). After 5.5 years past, still no change. Some cars are now over 7 years old, and still, have streaming and connectivity, and Tesla has not cut them off or offered a monthly plan to keep it going.

It seems like until Tesla has a way to offer a monthly connectivity plan, they are not cutting anyone off. As for Slacker, my guess is if you have it, it will continue for at least a year until either you change the account or they offer some extension plan.

Sorry for those that changed the Slacker account and no longer get it for free, but I doubt there is a way to get it back for free now. Everyone that has had Slacker for free is on borrowed time - but history has shown it could be a long time! Enjoy it while it's free.

ybbor | 19. November 2019

One more question. So now that I no longer have my Tesla slacker subscription, how do I remove the slacker stations from the favorites section? I have a bunch of stations I can no longer access that are stuck on my screen.

Also, is there a way to favorite a Spotify playlist?

-TheJohn- | 19. November 2019

To remove a station just click on the blackened star on the far right when you open said station. I don't know if it exists without the ability to open said station though.

You should still have access to mid level slacker imho since as you say you configured before July 1 2018.
Base level slacker includes ads. Mid level slacker (which is what the car came/comes with) has no ads. Premium Slacker allows one to play full albums and the like.

I found and find the mid one to be just fine.

EVRider | 20. November 2019

Note that you can’t use the basic free Slacker service in a Tesla, needs to be Plus or Premium.

-TheJohn- | 20. November 2019

Good point EVRider.

lbowroom | 20. November 2019

Something is not right there. Had you not logged into your premium account, you would still have the streaming music like the rest of us. Sounds like that customer service agent is misunderstanding something and winging it.

farmer | 20. November 2019

Does anyone know what the default Slacker password was during the "free' period. I assume it was the same for everyone but the login/username was unique.

derotam | 20. November 2019

It changed between August and November 2018 in the manual.

SteveWin1 | 20. November 2019

I agree with lbowroom. Try calling back and talking to a couple more reps until they get it fixed for you. Everyone else has it and so should you.

I wonder if doing a factory reset would fix it? Should wipe all your settings and put slacker back the way it was from the factory, right? You'd have to set everything back up again, but might be worth a try.