Supercharger Etiquette-The Fallacy of Illogical Conclusions

Supercharger Etiquette-The Fallacy of Illogical Conclusions

I hope the model 3 owner who unplugged my S from Laurel, Maryland supercharger last night went home and realized they had victimized an innocent stander-by. If you haven't, please watch your sentry recordings.
As it so happens I forgot my FOB is the car as it charged. Hence someone was able to unplug it and simply hang the cord in its receptacle. I suspect my villain had themselves been a victim of being unplugged prior to my arrival. They must have assumed it was me and unplugged me in retaliation.

andy.connor.e | 14. November 2019

Could have been someone who just does not care. Plenty of Tesla owners that are like that. Unfortunate! Sorry this kind of stuff is still happening especially between similar owners. | 14. November 2019

Strange, I wonder why anyone would go to the bother of checking someone else's charge cable and remove it? I'd expect 99.9% of the time it would be locked. It's not like anyone else could use the Supercharger while you're still parked.

Very weird - did you get the perpetrator on your dashcam?

EVRider | 14. November 2019

It seems unlikely another Tesla owner unplugged you. As TeslaTap mentioned, someone who unplugged you couldn't use that supercharger stall anyway. Probably a Tesla hater, like those who intentionally ICE supercharger spots.

DermMD | 14. November 2019
That's just it. I now realize this someone had clearly used that charger before me as they were parked facing the opposite direction and therefore able to use the charger for my stall. Their car was actually sticking into the driveway when I arrived. The stall they were parked in had a disabled charger. I did not given it much thought as to why there was a car parked facing the wrong way in a stall which was not charging when I pulled in. I replaced yet another 3 who was leaving. The leaving 3 actually invited me to the stall as the first stall I had pulled into was also not working. I do have the side camera footage but there was no damage caused to my car so I will not act on it.

blue adept | 14. November 2019

Something about the description of the incident doesn't quite add up/make sense, but I can't quit manage to put my finger on what it is that | 14. November 2019

@DermMD - Sounds like you figured it out. Still annoying to have it happen. It seems like a one-off event as I expect you would not normally leave your FOB in the car again!

blue adept | 14. November 2019

"Key fob", huh? Missed that first time bad.

All the same, that was a dick move for someone to unplug someone else, especially for someone who was aware that they'd be able to BECAUSE the key fob was in the car...That's some Tesla-owner-on-Tesla-owner crime right there.

Shame on you!