Does your model 3 make a loud winding down noise when regenerative braking?

Does your model 3 make a loud winding down noise when regenerative braking?

First time posting a question here. I have had my model 3 for 4 months, very happy with it.

But it makes a very loud and audible winding down noise when regenerative braking. It is so audible that sometimes I mistake it for a distant siren, I would start looking down the street to see if there are fire trucks approaching.

I am looking at other Model 3 owners' videos on Youtube and it struck me that I do not hear that sound when they are slowing down at stop signs, etc.

The reason I am asking is that I notice recently I am feeling occasional headaches and nauseous, I was wondering if it is linked to this high pitch noise. (My wife is hearing it too so I am sure it is not my ear)

I ordered online and had my model 3 delivered to my home, therefore, it is the only Tesla I have ever driven, so I don't know if it is normal...

I will try to get some recording tomorrow on my way back from work and post a link here. Thanks folks!

vmulla | 14. November 2019

Ya. A recording will help. A tiny bit sound is normal, but you have to listen for it.

Also the headaches and nausea with a new Tesla are normal, it'll go away if you stop stomping the accelerator ;)

Kidding aside, it's a new car it could be the new car smell that's giving you a headache - some folks are sensitive. Maybe just let it air out for a few days

Atoms | 14. November 2019

Haven’t hear this. May be specific to your car or specific to a hardware/software combination. I would make a service appointment. Your headache should not be mentioned since Tesla has no medical or psychological experience. They however should be able to measure the audio power spectral distribution into the ultrasound. They may have to send diagnostic equipment from a lab in California to your service center to assess.

hassan | 14. November 2019

My P3D+ does. Usually pretty faint at very low speed. Louder and higher pitched after driving @ hwy speed for a while. Don’t hear it in my wife’s SR+.

My understanding is that the older you get the less you hear high pitched noises. So it may be in the ear of the beholder.

kevin_rf | 15. November 2019

Yes, it's definitely noticable in my 49 year old ears. Very similar to the hiss an old cathode ray tube TV would make in my younger days.

As you age, sensitivity to high frequency noises does drop off. If I'm noticing it at my age, it is probably deafening to all the 20 and 30 something Tesla owners.

Part of the whole power increase thing is they are playing/tweaking the waveforms that come out of the motor controller and feed directly into the motor. This could include frequency changes or harmonics of them that are now more noticable. To me, it also seems more noticable when I have a higher state of charge. That may be more due to me being numb to it when I've been driving forever and have depleted the charge.

Scrannel | 15. November 2019

Performance 3 -- no.

jimglas | 15. November 2019

P3D: No

Pepperidge | 15. November 2019

Just schedule a service and let Tesla figure it out. You can cancel service appointment later if you think it is normal.

bddaughe | 15. November 2019

I sometimes hear what sounds like a siren, but I wouldn't consider it loud. If anything, it sounds like a very distant siren only when I'm not playing music or talking to anyone in the car. I feel it is normal.

lbowroom | 15. November 2019

The description "very loud" doesn't apply to any sound I've heard any Model 3 make and I'm surrounded by them.

Magic 8 Ball | 15. November 2019

@lbowroom turn the volume up to 11, really loud!

Pepperidge | 15. November 2019

Isn't it the pedestrian warning sound?

vmulla | 15. November 2019

Pepperidge | November 15, 2019
Isn't it the pedestrian warning sound?

:)) True