Ford Mach E Premature Reveal

Ford Mach E Premature Reveal

Click on the link below. All specs etc. were pulled off the Ford web site when some bonehead in the IT department put the development pages on the production server.

On the substance of the car, hopefully it will pull some of the Ford faithful into the EV camp. When you look at the specs it again shows Tesla's technical advantages on EV powertrains.

vincelorto | 14. November 2019

interesting. not a fan of that grill or nose emblem? It also seems like they're placing themselves in between Model 3/y and S?

FISHEV | 14. November 2019

All specs etc. were pulled off the Ford web site when some bonehead in the IT department put the development pages on the production server."@TexasBob

Or some smart marketing guy said put it up and take it down and create a big free PR event.

It's a cool car and definitely give the Model Y a run as the Ford has the stuff Tesla lacks from hatchback wiper to blind side indicators, lane keeping,, adaptive cruise, rear cross track warning. And nice it's US made so now we have a 2nd US made EV option.

Always liked the Mustangs sequential turn signals.

WhiteWi | 14. November 2019

Fish go away with your bs pls

TexasBob | 14. November 2019

@fish I wish you were right that it was on purpose. I feel genuinely bad for all those people who worked for four+ years on this and spun up a million-dollar-plus launch event on Nov 17, only to have it all stumble out three days before. Some of the folks I know who were involved in the development were incredibly excited about this thing.

Still not a bad looking car IMO.

TexasBob | 14. November 2019

Mach E GT = 3.5 sec 0-60, 235 miles range, $60,500 starting
Model Y P = 3.5 sec 0-60, 280 miles of range, $61,000

Mach E Premium RWD = 5.5 sec, 300 miles $50,600
Model Y RWD = 5.5 sec, 300 miles, $48,000

Mach E Premium AWD = 5.5 sec, ???miles, $??????
Model Y AWD = 4.8 sec, 280 miles, $52,000

WhiteWi | 14. November 2019

By BS I mean this nonsense that you repeat all the time.
@FishEV "It's a cool car and definitely give the Model Y a run as the Ford has the stuff Tesla lacks from hatchback wiper to blind side indicators, lane keeping,, adaptive cruise, rear cross track warning."

SamO | 14. November 2019

Ford will be bankrupt soon.

TexasBob | 14. November 2019

Cargo space behind front seats:
Mach E 59.5 cubic ft
Model Y 66 cubic feet

TexasBob | 14. November 2019
TexasBob | 14. November 2019

Max charging rate of ~80kw vs 250kw! Yikes that's going to hurt.

Earl and Nagin ... | 14. November 2019

It does sound like Ford may actually be getting serious about an EV. Good for them. Congrats to Tesla! The big F finally may be waking up.
Let's get going GM and FCA.

TexasBob | 14. November 2019

Looks like it has suicide doors on the rear. Not sure how well that will go over as a family hauler.

JAD | 14. November 2019

If those specs are real and the EPA confirms them, that is a pretty impressive effort. Far ahead of the eTron and iPace. Very close to the model Y. We shall see how it plays out in a year. Hopefully this is real and actually happens.

edhchoe | 14. November 2019

I would like to thank Elon again for not making Tesla look like a typical American car.

SamO | 14. November 2019

Deliveries begin end of 2020. Allegedly. Just like Porsche is delivering in 2019.


Is this a compliance car or mass market?

As of June 2019, ford had delivered 116,112 EVs, so the phase out will come very soon. All those damn hybrids.

Jtwo | 14. November 2019

One thing to consider when comparing prices between the Mach E and the Model Y is the $7500 tax credit the Mach E buyers will be getting.

Scrannel | 15. November 2019

Be very interesting to see how it sells. And, to whom. Is the Mustang considered too much of a "kiddie car" to be desirable main-stream buyers? I have found the late model Mustang's cabin pretty claustrophobic. But, as a kiddie car, maybe the natural performance of an EV will be its up-front selling point.

billtphotoman | 15. November 2019

I think as CUVs go it looks fine and for multiple car families (a huge market in the US) it could replace 1 ICE vehicle until the charging infrastructure builds out enough for long distance travel. But, the MSRP looks problematic to me because many people will see that and conclude they can get a model Y for less money.
To compete with Tesla one needs to undercut them on price in my opinion. This would require abandoning the stealership "real price is far less than MSRP" model. That being said I wish all BEV and strong PHEV models well.

vmulla | 15. November 2019

Plus: 7500 tax credit (if it's still around)
Minus: Weak fast-charging network, that is - a weak fast-charging network even if you consider the expansion into 2021

Frankly, this is a really bad implementation of the nose cone, and why does it have a start button? The rest of the car is OK considering that it's based of a Mustang. Ford is where Tesla was in the early days.

Question: Is this based off a VW MEB platform?

Keithdorschner | 15. November 2019

I have a bind side indicator on my Model 3 AWD. Some call them “side view mirrors”.

WantMY | 15. November 2019

More EV on the market is great news! would force competition.. Hopefully, Mach E does not have vampire drain like Tesla and has heat pump. That would put it over the Y for me.

calvin940 | 15. November 2019

Wow. I really hate the front. yuck.

Outside of that, it doesn't look horrible but "Max charging rate of ~80kw vs 250kw! Yikes that's going to hurt." I agree with completely. Ouch.

I am glad to see movement forward by other companies. I am really surprised though that traditional car companies aren't "hitting it out of the park" with their offerings. A big argument was that they have been around for so long and have so much knowledge and experience coupled with being able to see what Tesla has done over the last decade that they were going to eclipse Tesla's offerings when they produced a vehicle.

That is definitely not what is happening.

"Question: Is this based off a VW MEB platform?"

I think that they would have had to start development on this well before the announcement of working with VW, but maybe they already reached an agreement far before they announced it.

calvin940 | 15. November 2019

All EV cars are going to have a "vampire" drain.

Joshan | 15. November 2019

it has blind spot indicators, they are on the screen and activate when you hit the turn signal. Facts not BS...

Keithdorschner | 15. November 2019

I wonder how many they will make? What battery tech are they using? Lots of cobalt? Will they make money at these prices? Is there a HUD? (I ask for those around here that crave the feature.)

WhiteWi | 15. November 2019

@Joshan +1
I wish my phone didn't have vampire drain lol

vmulla | 15. November 2019

There's the Ford Co-Pilot360 2.0, and then there is Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist 2.0.

These guys are supposed to be working with MobilEye, I loved MobilEye's work on my 2016 Teslas - so I'm expecting a decent implementation. But that distinction between Co-Pilot vs Co-Pilot assist is throwing me off.

jimglas | 15. November 2019

I guess if you like the mustang "style"
You are just going to have to put up with slower, less range and no superchargers

Magic 8 Ball | 15. November 2019

If they put on sequential turn signals, game over Tesla.

jimglas | 15. November 2019

bankwupt for sure

Thrillion | 15. November 2019


ReD eXiLe ms us | 15. November 2019

TexasBob: +42! Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Amazingly, I actually like the styling of the Ford MACH E. In RED anyway... The BLUE desperately needs dual WHITE racing stripes down the middle. ;-)

My Brother, P69H, will immediately ask about towing capacity, I know. He routinely berates any remotely SUV shaped front wheel drive import for not being 'A REAL TRUCK'. He would be... [PEEVED] if this didn't possess the ease of towing he expects from his beloved Ford vehicles. The specs generally seemed at least decent, though I didn't study them in depth.

The 80 kW charging limit is... disappointingly slow, I hope RIVIAN vehicles aren't so limited (AKA 'gimped'). I thought the very purpose of CCS FRANKENPLUGs as a Standard was to enable 100+ kW charging...?

82bert | 15. November 2019

I love how the 3 interior design is revolutionizing the industry.

Joshan | 15. November 2019

I love how the 3 is revolutionizing the industry.

vmulla | 15. November 2019

" I actually like the styling of the Ford MACH E. In RED anyway.." @ReD


Off Topic, why does Rivian get as much love? It too doesn't have solid charging support, just like other EVs

jimglas | 15. November 2019

if only it was a turbo

vmulla | 15. November 2019
ReD eXiLe ms us | 15. November 2019

vmulla: Ford surely had some of their employees among the SAE representatives that told Tesla to take a hike when thet offered their own connector as an industry standard. I would hope that RIVIAN's own implementation of CCS is not limited to below 100 kW. Tesla didn't have not have nationwide or worldwide Supercharger deployment until AFTER the Model S Production and Sales ramped up. I am willing to give RIVIAN the same sort of expansion opportunity. I may bag on Electrify America somewhat, but at least they have done better so far than Bl!nk, Chargepoint, and Suncoast Highway began initially.

TranzNDance | 15. November 2019

They turned the nose cone into lips cone. It looks terrible. The rest of the car looks good from what I can see.

PhillyGal | 15. November 2019

@Fish "Always liked the Mustangs sequential turn signals."

Those haven't been around "always." They're pretty new compared to how long Mustang has been on the road.

Lorenzryanc | 15. November 2019

Doesn't Ford own "Model E"?

Magic 8 Ball | 15. November 2019

Nope, The 1967/8 Shelbies and CA Specials had them.

PhillyGal | 15. November 2019

I'm looking forward to seeing if this is a reality. If so, good for Ford! Every single new EV on the road is okay in my book.

82bert | 15. November 2019

@Joshan. Good point.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 15. November 2019

Lorenzryanc: It's rather debatable. They have named several vehicles with words beginning with the letter 'E' over the past several decades (EDSEL, ESCORT, ECONOLINE, EXPLORER, EXCURSION, ESCAPE, etc). But Ford Motor Co has not literally used the 'Model E' monniker for over 100 years. I doubt trademark law allows for that long a gap in use. And Mercedes-Benz has used 'E-Class' for decades with no issue. Ford has used the letter 'F' to start the names of several passenger vehicles in recent decades (FESTIVA, FIESTA, FOCUS, FUSION...) and they have an 'F-Series' of pickup trucks. Does that mean they can lay claim to trademark infringement on ANY vehicle named starting with or including 'F'... Jaguar might have something to say about that...

Lorenzryanc | 15. November 2019

This is an old article so I'm not sure what came of it...

I thought I remember a big discussion of who owned the name "Model E"

TabascoGuy | 15. November 2019

@PG, it seems to me that a number of Ford and Mercury models, including the Mustang, had the three sequential turn signals back in the late 60's or early 70's. That's completely from memory and well, it was the 60's and 70's.

Either way, I was following a brand new mustang recently and when he turned on his signals and I think I actually said "Wow" out loud. I'm not too fond of LED's in headlights but they sure did look good in those tail lights.

bjrosen | 15. November 2019

On paper this is the first true competitor that Tesla has, the Mach E matches the Y spec for spec, don't know yet if the ID.4 will also match the Y. The big question will be how serious Ford is about selling it, the existing competition hasn't been interested in selling their EVs, the Koreans don't sell outside of CA and Chevy dribbles the Bolt out ot it's dealers and they've never run a single ad. The Mach E will be significantly cheaper because Ford get the Fed Tax rebate and Tesla doesn't. Ford also has a huge service advantage, they have 5000 dealers in the US, Tesla only has a handful of service centers and many states have no store or service center. Those Ford dealers can be either an asset or a hindrance depending on how they behave. If Ford has read them the riot act and told them that the future is electric so they better get with the program then having 5000 dealers is a huge advantage, if they are allowed to drag their feet, which most dealers have done with EVs, then they will be an impediment.

Personal comment, I think it's hideous. I don't like station wagons. If they had an actual Mustang EV instead of just using the name it would be a lot more attractive.

Bighorn | 15. November 2019

Charging speed is a spec. 80 kW vs 250 kW. Does not match.

andy.connor.e | 15. November 2019

Not sure if i'd be able to trust Ford to make a good battery.