Did Franz von Haulzhausen shatter Tesla glass or Tesla stock

Did Franz von Haulzhausen shatter Tesla glass or Tesla stock

Does he have a massive arm? Ex baseball thrower?

He managed to score 2 strikes in a row...

spuzzz123 | 21. November 2019

Elon called that audible. I could tell franz was nervous about it. I begged for him not to do it (yelling at my iPad anyway). I saw only bad things happening. Nothing to gain everything to lose. Takes away from what could have been a most unique reveal. This stunt will be lampooned for awhile.

Maxxer | 21. November 2019

I guess this stunt will be taught in marketing schools as something not to do for the next decades

exPGAhacker | 21. November 2019

If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit. That stunt worked out great for OJ. Tesla... not so much.

carlk | 21. November 2019

C'mon there will be plenty of people who will buy a $40K pickup that carries 6 passengers and 3,500lb payload plus active air suspension that makes it to run better than ANY pickups on or off roads with or without loads. One can even spend a little more to buy one that will outrun a 911. For those (suckers) who think look is absolutely the only thing they could alwas pay double that to buy a 911.

Ross1 | 21. November 2019

The look will grow on you.
Already better than any Porsche.
Imagine the cred having one in your driveway.

Blaise2001 | 22. November 2019

I think I will take the Cybertruck over the Model Y I had on order. More cool features to Cybertruck and holds 6 ADULTS. I like the radical look and indestructible nature. I live in Chicago and we have 9mm rain often.

I hope that cooled and heated seats and heated steering wheel will become standard or at least an option as it is more comfortable as well as efficient to put the cooling/heat directly to the body. My 2013 Optima hybrid had them as does my 2018 Sonata so why not Tesla? I understand they quit it as an option on the S and X???

wiboater4 | 22. November 2019

Keep in mind they have about 2 years to listen to people and tweak things if they want to. Remember when the 3 came out people didn't like the front end so they made it a little better.
I'm retired now but I used to work construction. I'd be buying the cybertruck for sure if I was still working. I still might get one when they start delivering them.

oldbike2 | 22. November 2019

It is all a question of: Appearance Vs. Reality .... or Form Vs. Function .... or
the Beautiful Girl in 9th grade Vs: The Girl With Fantastic Personality / Ethics / Smarts.

Here you get the Value Side with Capability .... Clean Lines ... Sturdy ... With NO Perfume / No Fingernail Polish / No Fake Eyelashes / No Push-Up Bra. Here you get a capable spiritual nice young lady who will be true to you for a long time and with "Low Maintenance" and a real Partner!

That is the young lady I would recommend to my Son. My Reservation was made ASAP last night... for the 500 Mile version.

jimglas | 22. November 2019

No sock stuffed down your pants or shoulder pads?

gaboksi | 22. November 2019

I reserved one. I'm hoping they chamfer the corners at the back. Once i got mine in 2022, I plan to vinyl wrap it with military green!! I will drive it to work everyday. How cool would that be!!

Bond 007 | 22. November 2019

I’m thinking the Model X will be a goner now. This truck has almost double range, almost half price, almost all the features available in X, more cargo capability, and a indestructible material with futuristic design. I was disappointed at first but now this model is growing on me.

andy.connor.e | 22. November 2019

Last quarterly call Elon even said they dont need MS and MX anymore. Very likely they will be phased out.

Maxxer | 22. November 2019

What’s worse
The truck design
The glass shattering?

andy.connor.e | 22. November 2019

Probably the preconditioning

bp | 23. November 2019

Elon made a rookie mistake on the glass demo - never demo something that you haven't already tested - at least once. Dropping a ball on a pane of glass with flexible mounts is very different that throwing a ball into a piece of glass without any give mounted in a door. It was a dumb mistake - and one that was illustrated in most of the video when Elon was talking about all of the vehicle features.

Besides, having unbreakable glass is probably a very bad idea. From an emergency standpoint, first responders will need to have a way to quickly break out the glass to get access to the interior.

What's important for the armor glass is handling the normal debris that would hit glass - such as rocks/pebbles on the road.

jjs | 23. November 2019

This debacle will be justifiably ridiculed for a long time. Classic hubris on Elon's part. However, the stock will recover, the truck will sell well, very well. This will be forgotten except for the occasional, remember when...

The specs on this thing are unbelievable. Fleet managers will flock to this. Pros in the trades will flock to this. Anyone who takes function and TCO as the decision drivers will flock to this.

Elon has his quirks and makes mistakes, on last count 420 of them. They are all dwarfed by his, and his teams' accomplishments. Let the petty, the jealous, and the shorts have a laugh. The last laugh, however, will be reserved for those that see the bigger picture.

Years from now, when the Cybertruck is a huge success, when we travel from city to city in hyperloops, when we have permanent settlements on Mars, and when Universities show this window debacle as a classic what NOT to do, I hope they follow it up with, BUT, it really didn't matter in the long run. All that mattered in the long run was building superior products with dedicated brilliant engineers.

Let the small, and petty and the shorts have their day. It will be short, fleeting and turn bitter as Tesla/TSLA continues is climb.

Maxxer | 23. November 2019



NKYTA | 23. November 2019

@jjs +420 ;-)

bgbythsea | 25. November 2019

Don't get me wrong, I love Teslas, have two (S and 3) in the family and pre-ordered the mid point Cybertruck. But I'm not sure that the breakage was totally an accident. On stage, the window was closed and held rigid around the perimeter by the framing. In the drop test, the tested pane bounced and "sprang" the red-handled holders, dissipating the energy. Also the assistants seemed to be loosening (assuming right-handed threads) the hold-downs just before the test. In the lab test subsequently posted by EM, the B-pillar was missing its cover and again the window moved in its frame, unlike the on-stage test. The three tests were not apples to apples to apples. If you're into math, a physicist wrote an article: explaining the forces. You can breeze through the math, and go the the last paragraphs where he discusses the perimeter movement mitigating the impact. I'm not buying the "hammer cracked it" story.