Ford and Rivian Are Loving How Ugly and Polarizing The Cybertruck Is

Ford and Rivian Are Loving How Ugly and Polarizing The Cybertruck Is

I am not in the market for a truck but if I was, it most likely would not be the Tesla truck. It doesn't seem to appeal to the masses. I kept waiting for him to peel off those panels to reveal the real truck underneath. Kind of like a Scooby Doo moment....but that never happened and I had to deal with this is REALLY the truck....So darn Ugly

M3phan | 21. November 2019

Yeah, as I and others have said on a couple of other threads that have popped up related to the cybertruck, that’s for me one of the oddest reveals I’ve ever seen. I just don’t think they’re going to sell a lot. I mean, I hope for the company sake they do, but I just can’t see how that’ll happen. My buddy and I watched it together, he’s interested in an EV pickup truck and was looking forward to tonight, but he has swung back to Rivien and I don’t blame him.

vmulla | 21. November 2019

1/2 the price of a Rivian.

Now what?

Maxxer | 21. November 2019

This is not good for the masses

82bert | 21. November 2019

It’s not meant for the masses.

Wormtown Kris | 21. November 2019

This might not be good for the masses, and it probably isn't meant to sell in the millions. But it is a good value for Tesla fans who like the functionality, (and who will have 2+ years to have the unique design grow on them)…..

JCE | 21. November 2019

I am amazed how cheap the car actually is. For $70,000-you get 3 motors and 500+ miles of range. That’s the price of a fully loaded Performance Y.

jwins | 21. November 2019

My wife wants that camping set up! With 500 mile rated range and that ground clearance, you could seriously get away from it all . . .

Wormtown Kris | 21. November 2019

….and I guess I am a Muskovite sheeple, because I already like this a whole lot more than an hour ago. By next week I will probably think my old F150 in the driveway looks like a Model T.

jwins | 21. November 2019

@Wormtown Just like the interior of the S and X looked awesome -- until the 3 came along, and now those look ancient . . .

jefjes | 21. November 2019

My wife says that is one ugly truck. I couldn't get my reservation money down fast enough. The first couple tries the site was crashing from what appeared to be overloading requests. Seems like demand won't be a problem as many seem to think. It is weird but that is what we were told to expect. I want to see all the fine details ASAP. Where are the power outlets, air compressor access, tire sizes, charging port, HVAC controls/filters, cameras, mirrors? etc. etc.

Passion2Fly | 21. November 2019

500 miles of range for under $70k? The high end Rivian is close to $100k for 400 miles of range and 5 passengers...
The look is a little “exotic” but the specs kill it! I also like the way that it’s presented as a tough truck which can be insanely abused...

Bighorn | 21. November 2019

Just think how scared a Ford or Rivian driver will he when you park too close. Or when you’re lined up at a light. And tons of other situations.

jwins | 21. November 2019

@BH hahahahahaha! YES! Or when you humiliate a 911 . . .

wallacej010 | 21. November 2019

I am a retired builder (40 yrs) and for anyone who actually works out of a truck would know this thing is a beast.
I would love it if they dumped the second row of seats for an 8ft bed..... might bring me out of retirement. F**k a Powerwagon/Ram/SuperDuty/F-150,250,350/C10,C15/G10,G15/Silverado/Royal Sierra/Titan/Tundra... I've owned and worked them all..good work trucks all, but this one would be the last one you would need to buy... so I reserved one... "cause ya nevah know

apodbdrs | 22. November 2019

I have a F150, and plan to drive the Cybertruck, I am seriously considering buying one if I like how it drives, etc. The look, I guess I am slowly getting use to it.

rdavis | 22. November 2019

For work fleet trucks, this might be a winner for sure. Looks are not as much the driver as the specs. With the durability and longevity of this vehicle along with cost savings in gas, it may be a home run on that side of things. I'm not as sold on the individual market. I must say I didn't like the X or 3 design when revealed, but now owning both I don't understand why I felt that way. I guess a change from the standard is always a bit jarring to the system. I think at first this truck will be more to the Tesla fanatics on the personal sales side of things until it becomes a bit more normalized in the market; however long term I see this as a winner.

andy.connor.e | 22. November 2019

I have a year or 2 to sit on it. Its between Model Y and Cybertruck though.

Madatgascar | 22. November 2019

Guys, this is absolutely aimed at the masses. At <$40k they need to sell a shit ton of these to justify that price. Elon may say he doesn't care if people don't like it, but it matters. If it doesn't sell well, it will be Tesla's Edsel.

shawncordell | 22. November 2019

I like the clip of the Cybertruck towing away the Ford pickup kicking and screaming. That was brilliant.

henry.groover | 22. November 2019

If you buy a pickup truck for actual work, this looks like a friggin assault vehicle made for the mud-and-lasers battlefield of the future. It's badass and doesn't feel like it needs to apologize for being edgy. Yeah, I get it now. I haven't priced out a gas-guzzler pickup truck that seats six but I think this is pretty close to the price range.

bjrosen | 22. November 2019

Polarizing is good, it's much better to have a product that people either love or hate than one that's just meh. I love this thing, I have no use for a truck but given all the capabilities the Cyber Truck has and it's extreme appearance I seriously could see myself buying in one.

The thing about polarizing is that people who love it really love it. If they could capture 10 or 15% of the truck and off road market that would be huge.

andy.connor.e | 22. November 2019

I think this is going to be like Model 3. Its not for everyone, but objectively you cannot buy a better truck for that price. I think this is going to be the first time that people are actually going to question whether or not the look and appearance is a more significant focus than the affordability and functionality. If the truck can do what this does for that price, and the compromise is its not "sexy" looking, then i think thats better. I would prefer that something comes down in price $10k or more by not adding complicated bends and aerodynamic turns like Model 3, S, X.

This Truck is truly functionality over looks. The more i keep looking at it and thinking about it, the more im coming around. And i would go for the 300+ mile range version, which is pretty much the exact same price as what Model Y would be. The truck would easily last 100 years from the exterior design.

The best part about this whole thing is that the unveil event has already given Musk a design investigation to fix. Those damned windows. Fix that dude. You had a guy drop a metal ball from 15 feet onto the glass and it didnt do anything to it but your vehicle windows broke. Fix that crap dude.

andy.connor.e | 22. November 2019


I agree with your last sentence. More significantly, it would capture 10-15% of ALL truck brands, and could possibly compete with offroad Jeeps considering the approach angle. 15% of Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Honda trucks and jeeps? Thats alot of people quantity wise.

ALDONY | 22. November 2019

I can seriously park it at the bottom of the lake and summon it when I need it

andy.connor.e | 22. November 2019

This truck needs boat mode.

bjrosen | 22. November 2019

Just to elaborate why having an extreme design like this is so important. At the start of the presentation they showed a montage of pickup trucks over the last century culminating in a shot of debadged Ford, RAM and Chevy trucks which are barely indistinguishable from each other. If the Tesla truck looked like a pickup truck then it has to sell head to head with the electric F150. Tesla knows more about EVs than Ford, but Ford knows a thing or two about trucks and they've shown that they can do a competent job on an EV. The Mach E may be a little less efficient than a Model Y, but it gets the big things right so if you are looking at an electric SUV you would seriously consider it vs the Model Y, the Tesla has a slight edge in that comparison but it's easily tipped in Ford's favor when you consider service, the farther you are from a Tesla service center the better the Ford looks. In a comparison between conventional pickup trucks the Ford starts out with the advantage. They've been making pickup trucks for over a century and the F150 is the standard by which all pickup trucks are measured. But when you look at the Cyber Truck it's in a category by itself. It can do the job of a pickup truck, but it can also do the job of a Jeep or Range Rover and just for grins they gave the Plaid version the performance of a Porsche 911. On top of that it looks like something from the 21st century is supposed to look, we are 20 years into this century and finally that looks like what we were promised that the 21st century would look like. Most of the people who are attracted to the Cyber Truck aren't going to consider the Ford, the only competition is Rivian and in that fight Tesla is the big dog.

andy.connor.e | 22. November 2019

Tesla has an infinitely greater chance of bringing the truck to market. I have a grand feeling that Rivian is going to end up like Faraday Future, but there is a very high chance they will produce the delivery vans for Amazon.

SamO | 22. November 2019

Ford and Rivian are shitting themselves. Not only does this truck absolutely DESTROY them on every possible metric, it is cheaper to purchase and operated than the lowliest F-150 entry level.

In addition, Tesla is receiving $1B in free earned media for the next few days. Remember, every article written about how some 60-year-old writer hates the looks, there is a 20-something rolling his eyes and saying "ok, boomer" and putting down a deposit.


neezer | 22. November 2019

"60-year-old writer hates the looks, there is a 20-something rolling his eyes and saying "ok, boomer" and putting down a deposit."

:D :D lol, devastatingly on-point. No offense to the aging boomers, but the world is changing in ways they can't fathom in some ways.

Anyhow, this is still over 2 years out before anyone sees one in a showroom (and 3 years for the Tri-motor one). People will get more used to it, and/or the thing will change, as reality of meeting regulations etc adjusts the concept we saw yesterday.

And most important, in the interim, guess who EVERYONE is gonna be talking about? Tesla. Guess also who EVERYONE is NOT gonna be talking about? That's right, everyone else, lol.

Hybrid Reality + Trolling program unleashed. Great success.

SamO | 22. November 2019

As much offense possible intended to these aging clowns who think their tastes = quality. Remember that these "geniuses" voted for Drumpf and keep CSI ratings up.

But . . . in fairness, my mother falls into this cohort and I love her dearly. I just would never ask her to design a truck.

JAD | 22. November 2019

No truck is pretty, they are just tough looking. Supercars are pretty. When it first rolled out I thought "what?????" But that is one hell of a tough truck which is exactly the image truck buyer go for. Coal rolling may be tough in this, but I think a significant portion of the untapped truck market will convert to Tesla to be in such a bad-axxxx truck.

bjrosen | 22. November 2019

andy@ What happens to Rivian's truck and SUV is up to Ford now. From a strictly business point of view they are better off concentrating on the Amazon van. They have a huge order in hand and going forward building vans for Amazon can be a very good and sustainable business. However their other big investor is Ford. Ford has a very good answer for traditional pickup truck buyers in the electric F150, it not only protects their truck business going forward, it's a chance to steal customers from their traditional rivals Chevy and Chrysler. However both the Cyber Truck and the Rivian are Range Rover killers, they are true luxury off road vehicles. The way forward for Rivian with their SUV and truck is to have them sold through Lincoln dealers. The Rivians are high priced and high margin vehicles, they make sense on a Lincoln lot. From Ford's point of view they will pull in buyers from Range Rover and German brands, nothing that Lincoln has now does that. Also with the Lincoln dealer network Rivian would be available in all 50 states, Tesla lacks stores and service centers in many states. If Rivian attempts to sell the SUV and truck without Ford's help then they might has well cancel them now and just put all of their resources into the Amazon van.

andy.connor.e | 22. November 2019

We'll see. As the hours pass, i am very close to kissing Model Y goodbye.

bogunsjohn2000 | 22. November 2019

Initially I said "what?!" like most people. Then I started looking again next day and I already like the front and up to the rear bed. I experimented erasing those walls in the rear and it looked great. They could do a retractable 'wall' on the sides for when the vehicle is moving. Even put a warning that range will be degraded like 30% given the additional drag if walls are down. It also could help when construction people are parked and need to gain access to tools. I am saying, if they improve the looks of those walls, it will look great.

sbeggs | 22. November 2019

Good analysis.

howard | 22. November 2019

Ford and Rivian Are Loving How Ugly and Polarizing The Cybertruck Is

The understatement of the century!!!

bjrosen | 22. November 2019

SamO and Neezer@ Grow up millennials. You probably don't recognize all of the cultural references that are obvious to us boomers but were before your time. You've been told that the look comes out of Blade Runner, an 80s movie based on a 60s novel, but did you catch the description of the glass as transparent metal? Transparent aluminum comes from the Start Trek movie where they save the whales. After they go back in time to they need to fabricate a giant fish tank to transport the whales. Scotty divulges the formula for for transparent aluminum using a 128K Mac which to his surprise doesn't have speech recognition.

HighlandPony | 22. November 2019

Every good ol’ boy that I know plays the hell out of some shoot ‘em up video games. They are still in shock right now but when they get over that they’ll realize that this thing is straight out of halo and they are going to want one. This design is perfect for a machine gun mount, Mad Max it up. ‘Murica!

CharleyBC | 22. November 2019

"Maxxer | November 21, 2019
This is not good for the masses

82bert | November 21, 2019
It’s not meant for the masses."

And therein lies that portion of my reaction that might be labeled "disappointment." I was really hoping for something that would appeal to the F-150 crowd. I want to see fewer and fewer ICE vehicles on the road, and more and more EVs. As you said, this won't appeal to the masses, and that's unfortunate in terms of the larger mission of mass EV acceptance.

andy.connor.e | 22. November 2019

It will appeal to those who understand functionality over looks. This truck could last 100 years.

SamO | 22. November 2019


I'm not a millennial. But this is the reality:

"You Think the Tesla Cybertruck Looks Stupid? OK, Boomer"

JAD | 22. November 2019

Tesla can't make 1,000,000 of these, they only need at most 10% of the market and I think 10% will NEED to have this whereas maybe 20% would have liked a boring design but Tesla can't make nearly that many.

This is yet another halo car for Tesla to keep the brand desirable and talked about while inspiring others to compete.

Scrannel | 22. November 2019

Ford and Rivian should actually be worried by the dinosaurs they've been breeding.

SamO | 22. November 2019

All of Ford and Rivian's future products have been Osbourned in one single night.

bjrosen | 22. November 2019

SamO@ I apologize for calling you a millennial, I didn't realize that it was Bloomberg that made the obnoxious OK boomer reference. The guy's an idiot.

SamO | 22. November 2019


No problem. I do love the "ok boomer" meme because it communicates how simultaneously disconnected and clueless many boomers are.

The article's title is obnoxious but it also contains pertinent facts about why younger potential owners could love the aesthetics (gaming, film etc) without the personal investment in previous generations of "traditional trucks".


wallacej010 | 22. November 2019

exclusive ideology and hyperbolic generalizations are keystones of conservatism...... age is not

now get off my lawn | 22. November 2019

Actually, anyone working for FCA's Jeep division must be freaking out. There are many market segments for the Cybertruck, but it particularly blows away vehicles intended for off-road like the Jeep. Comfort, fun and actual usability off-road will crush competitors. Practicality and usability far outweighs looks in this segment, and many do like the way it looks.

Talking with a number of friends that have seen the Cybertruck - it seems evenly divided - Love it or hate it. That's 50% of the market that likes it. Far from comprehensive, it seems true from the posters too.

If 50% do love it, most companies would kill for that kind of interest and Tesla will have another huge hit on their hands.

vmulla | 22. November 2019,
Let's say 50% hate it. Can they really ignore the specs?
Tesla can be as bold with the design because the specs and engineering is that good.

St☰v☰ | 22. November 2019

@vmulla | November 21, 2019
1/2 the price of a Rivian.
And twice the looks of the cyberfruck too, so kinda a wash except driving the Rivian or F150 wouldn't be as embarrassing as driving the Tesla version.