Cybertruck new car segment?

Cybertruck new car segment?

Is Cybertruck a new car segment, can other manufacturers imitate it unless the design is somehow protected?

andy.connor.e | 23. November 2019

I want to see an entire Cyber vehicle lineup from Tesla. I would by the Cyber Model 3.

COLAB | 23. November 2019

It's coming soon with Cyber vehicle lineup from Tesla, just a question of time !!!!

TranzNDance | 23. November 2019

They didn't just expand the (market) pie; they created a new one.

carlk | 23. November 2019

A line with cars that give you a lot of utilities while putting less emphasis of superficial things like fancy paints and complex curvatures. Elon once mentioned there could be an even cheaper Tesla. This could be the direction to go. It will also fit future robot taxi needs.

andy.connor.e | 23. November 2019

agreed @carlk. The fact that the cars done rust is what is futuristic about it to me. This might be the first vehicle built to last longer than 20 years.

BadgerErickson | 25. November 2019

Great philosophical question; EV, Uber-SUV, almost Military, long lasting @ 1 million miles or so, I believe the aspects of everything Tesla are open shop. Let's call the new segment Uber-V; it is everything, to many market segments, all at once. Grand slam that has Detroit and the oil & gas industries on their asses. Again.

BadgerErickson | 27. November 2019

SS-V (stainless line)

tenrisabo | 28. November 2019

I want to see an entire Cyber vehicle lineup from Tesla

andy.connor.e | 28. November 2019

If only they would make a Cyber 2-seater car. The perfect commuter.

SamO | 28. November 2019

Yes. This is a martian lander category. I'm pretty confident no other automaker has its sights on any extraterrestrial segments.

sbeggs | 29. November 2019


BadgerErickson | 29. November 2019

BUV (Bradbury utility vehicles)

ETV (Obvious) | 29. November 2019

UUV - Useful Utility Vehicle!

TranzNDance | 30. November 2019

+1 to UUV.

BadgerErickson | 09. Dezember 2019

Musk mobiles. The Delorean is the most iconic brand of stainless car around, until now. The CT is a compliment to Elon's design teams and their imaginations, in that it it not only a new category but kind of leaves you speechless. Personally< i believe there should be some sort of a nod to Ray Bradbury whose 100th Birthday is coming up, you know, the author of The Martian Chronicles. Other sci-fi/Art ideas floating out there? "Stardust" line?

crt6598 | 09. Dezember 2019

Cyber Model 3 (or similar dimensions) as a 2 door coupe/fastback/convertible, and that will be an absolute web breaker!.

And Elon drops the mic and steps offstage at the reveal for these while the specs and price are both delivered official as ICE coffin nails (or more of them).