Forecast of new laws required for CT to hit the roads

Forecast of new laws required for CT to hit the roads

1: USA, and everywhere else could well catch up to Japan in allowing cameras in lieu de side mirrors

2: Prohibition of polishing the SS to a mirror finish. What a nightmare that will be.

3: Level 4 and 5, is that where we are waiting?

and 4: being me: Does a car registration cover boats, landing craft and low flying drones? (using my visionary status)

5: Londoners: get your Uber licences sorted. (Due to fraud, substitute drivers etc, London is throwing out Uber)

6: Pedestrian impact danger: those sharp wheel arches look like they need an amendment or a ditch.

blue adept | 26. November 2019

7: No dragging other automaker's vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, etc.) down the road just because you can (all bets are off in the case where an ICE is blocking a charging station). | 26. November 2019

I bet every Repo driver will buy a Cybertruck - just connect up and drive off:)

On your list:
1) Unlikely - I bet we'll have side mirrors
2) There are a few mirror wrapped cars already. No laws against it.
3) FSD, likely to be here when the Cybertruck shipped. Doubtful it will work while towing.
4) Don't understand :)
5) Unrelated.
6) I think the wheel arches are fine but doubtful it can meet Europe's Pedestrian requirements (i.e. running into a pedestrian).
7) De-ICEing charging stalls a huge plus :)

Ross1 | 28. November 2019

"The goal of this series is to examine current topics being written about Tesla [TSLA] that appear to be stirring up “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” (or FUD). The plan is to try to provide reasonable analysis about the validity of the claims. I generally do not link to the articles that “inspire” me to write this, as I do not wish to reward analysis I feel is poor with increased traffic. However, I will freely admit that my analysis may contain incorrect assumptions, and will do my best to acknowledge them in future articles.

The Cybertruck rolled out, looking like nothing else ever seen. Seemingly before the event ended, detractors were stating it couldn’t be built without extreme modifications. Can it?

Ross1 | 28. November 2019

Article deals with issues...that above was the heading only