Mobile charger not charging

Mobile charger not charging

Picked up our Model 3 AWD on Friday and the mobile charger doesn’t charge. I can’t get a response from Tesla. Anyone with a similar experience?if so, how did you resolve?

Devilstower | 01. Dezember 2019

Can you describe what's happening in a little more detail? When you plug the mobile charger in, are you getting a green light by the charge port? Does it shows anything on the screen?

If you're plugged into a 110 outlet, the answer can be as simple as having the climate controls inside the car turned on, so that the demand is too high to charge the car.

Or you may have blown a fuse / flipped a breaker so that the charger isn't getting power.

What do you see? Is the power indicator on for the charging cable itself? What happens when you plug it in?

Tronguy | 01. Dezember 2019

@sasatterfield: Yup, "inop" as a description of a fault doesn't help a lot when trying to figure out what's wrong with everything from a radar to a Tesla :).
Honest, you're probably not doing anything wrong. And the first time I tried to use the mobile charger I discovered that one had to slam the wall socket adapter into the body of the rest of the thing fairly vigorously.
Take it step by step and what you see at each step; really, it'll help the rest of us help you.

rob | 02. Dezember 2019

I had the mobile connector fail on a ChargePoint station. The plug was a 120v 20A. When I plugged in the MC the ChargePoint put up an error "Ground Fault Detected". I don't remember the error on the Tesla screen but it was vague.

So, you could have a grounding problem.

Does it happen everywhere you try to charge?