2017 75D December build - MCU replacement Question

2017 75D December build - MCU replacement Question

I have been having intermittent trouble with the voice recognition connecting.
After 3 service attempts to download software patches the service center is in the process of replacing the MCU.
My question is the V10 update did not include the Netflix option due to the build date. Will replacing the MCU fix that?
I will know tomorrow but just curious.

Anthony J. Parisio | 05. Dezember 2019

I do believe you will get Netflix if the replacement has the Intel processor. Please let us know what happens.

rxlawdude | 05. Dezember 2019

I don't recall anyone reporting that the replacement added the "Entertainment" features, especially to an MCU1 car.

Mathew98 | 05. Dezember 2019

He was pulling your leg. Just try and find a single instance where Tesla utilizes an Intel chip

BCCA | 05. Dezember 2019

There is currently no known upgrade path from MCU1 to MCU2, even for those who would be willing to pay for it, so you will be getting a MCU1 installed. MCU1 does not support the new "Entertainment" features. | 05. Dezember 2019

@ Mathew98 - Actually more than 100,000 Teslas now use an Intel CPU - in MCU2. It's an Atom E3800 series CPU and Intel Apollo Lake system-on-chip. Intel has actually come a long way in 10+ years in this specific area. The first Atom chips (2008) had really poor performance.

Tldickerson | 05. Dezember 2019

WOW, and I thought that Mathew98 knew everything about Tesla. Thanks TT for your expert information.

Mathew98 | 06. Dezember 2019

@TLD - You have me confused with @Bighorn. Whatever that choke your chicken, right? Have a great day!

Tldickerson | 06. Dezember 2019

LOL, I'm not confused at all. Bighorn does know a lot. You always have to act like you do too as your statement above shows. I'm not going to insult you with chicken jokes like you seam to want to do.

Mathew98 | 06. Dezember 2019

There's nothing in my seams. For some strange reason I thought Tesla jumped from NVDIA to their own proprietary chip design. Of course I skipped gen 2 entirely. I'm still on MCU1 so I'm blissfully ignorant of the changes. I have no complains of my MCU besides the occasional reboot.

@TLD - Not quite sure how you manage to live day to day in this miserable forum. But you seem to hang out here quite often for someone who desperately wanted to move on to other brands.

You don't have to be helpful, just don't get in the way. | 06. Dezember 2019

@Mathew98 - You are correct - for the AP processor, Tesla went with its own custom chips instead of Nvidia. The MCU is totally different. There is a lot of technology, and it can be hard to keep it all in mind :) I've had my share of errors too, but I like understanding internal details that most don't care about.