Sentry only records/saves when dashcam turned on

Sentry only records/saves when dashcam turned on

I have a 2019 mX and my Sentry will turn on and say its detected an event but there is no recording on the usb drive when the dashcam mode is off. When I turn on dashcam and there is a sentry event detected, a recording of the event appears in the sentry folder on the usb drive.

Has anybody else had this issue?

The sentry recordings worked fine (without dashcam turn on) for me prior to the September software update.

orlando_J | 05. Dezember 2019

is this a bug?

jimglas | 05. Dezember 2019

sounds like you can turn sentry on and off
Wy would it record if you have it "off"

mathwhiz | 05. Dezember 2019

Works as intended.

orlando_J | 06. Dezember 2019

@jimglas ~ Currently, both Sentry Mode and dashcam have to be on for sentry events to record. If dashcam is turned off, sentry events are not recorded even when Sentry Mode is turned on.

Prior to V10 software, only Sentry Mode needed to be on to record sentry events.

beytell | 06. Dezember 2019

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@beytell - I created an entire website to answer this: It comes up so often and there is a lot of confusion about what works.