First time I’m pissed at my Model 3

First time I’m pissed at my Model 3

Finishing my call at 2AM, been working 110 hours this week, 2 last days from 7AM to midnight and from 7AM to 2AM because of everyone falling on ice. Yesterday morning I couldn’t get in the charging stations (2 of them always occupied by Volt users) so at 7PM I try to get in my car to move it to the charger but couldn’t open the door handle so I do my usual hit on the lever door to smash them open, then the windows were not going down because the windows were frozen. So I was outside in the freezing wind trying to get to open the door by forcing the window under the gaskets to charge at work before leaving for a 140 miles back and forth drive at -10 and couldn’t open charging port because it was frosted too. Had to pry it open with my fingernails to force it open. Temperature was -10 and was starting to get pretty much pissed.

When I get home from 93% to 37% SOC and plug at my 14-30 32A connector overnight at 3AM, the breaker goes off at 3:30AM and the alarm of the app didn’t wake me up so instead of waking up at 8AM with full charge, was at 39% and couldn’t go back to work, no superchargers within 80km range so I reported my cases to Sunday morning instead. Now I lowered to 25 A to preventing it to happen again and will get a new cable from another derivation from my main panel derivation with 2 x 200A instead of the 50A garage panel.

But since Lane Departure Avoidance helped me to stay on the road with the terrible visibility and the snowy conditions, I’ll call it fair and square.

First time I got pissed ever by my Model 3 coupled with Canada winter and had to ventilate, excuse me for wasting your time reading this. Once I move to California or Florida I won’t complain anymore.

Have a great day

Johnnyo1980 | 07. Dezember 2019

I would watch a short film of this.

EAPme | 07. Dezember 2019

I'd be cussing 'till kingdom come in your shoes. Stay warm man.. I'd watch the short film too, with this as the score.

"You had a bad day"

"Well you need a blue sky holiday"

KAM6 | 07. Dezember 2019

I don't miss winters.

David N | 07. Dezember 2019

Sorry for your frustration.
I think a lot of us at some point have expieranced frozen locks, door handles, windows, remote mirrors.

TranzNDance | 07. Dezember 2019

Sorry for the issues you experienced.

I don't understand when people talk about the importance of four seasons. Some of the winter clothes can be nice but freezing temperatures on a regular basis isn't for me. Then again, I'm considering retiring in a place that could have snow, but to me, it's a drawback more than a benefit.

rob | 07. Dezember 2019

Pissed as in "divorce" or pissed as in "great makeup drive"

M3phan | 07. Dezember 2019

Why I moved from Canada (Saskatchewan) to southern states.

FISHEV | 07. Dezember 2019

Model 3 doesn't seem to be a "winter car". I was frozen out on a fairly mild wet morning, 28 degress...window, door handles and mirrors frozen.

Banged the handle open and yanked and window came free. Mirrors stayed stuck. Tried turning mirrors and car off and on but no joy. Drove to work with no drivers side mirror. It thawed out by lunch but what a series of bad designs that Tesla should have fixed after year 1.

A bunch of threads on using various silicone coatings on door handle and window gasket. For the mirror, have to turn off the auto fold option for the winter.

Do other cars folding mirrors freeze up all the time?

M3phan | 07. Dezember 2019

I believe owner coleAK might disagree.

Maxxer | 07. Dezember 2019

Boomers are all falling on ice and it’s a pandemics of wrist, ankle and hip fractures, I will never ever live in Canada when I’m retired.

casun | 07. Dezember 2019

FISHEV is a known troll who pushes an anti Tesla narrative. Please disregard his posts and do not engage.

gparrot | 07. Dezember 2019

Maxxer, I wish I could have done that too when I retired, but I’m still in Qc. Southern France was my first choice...

Maxxer | 07. Dezember 2019


My actual list
1) House in California and a chalet in Bourg d’Oisans in the French Alps
2) Condo in Sunny Isles Beach or Clearwater beach, Florida and a chalet in Girona near Pyrénées
3) House in Tucson, Arizona and Chalet in Mazzin near Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italian Dolomites

These are all cycling or running paradises. And probably some of the most beautiful and more comfortable places on planet Earth to retire

Maxxer | 07. Dezember 2019


FISHEV | 07. Dezember 2019

"waking up at 8AM with full charge, was at 39% and couldn’t go back to work"

How many miles is 39% on your car? That sounds like a long drive. Do you have to charge at work to make around trip to work?

gparrot | 07. Dezember 2019

Maxxer, you da man!
The (current) wife and I are looking at Plan B, which would be to pull an Airstream between Canada and Mexico according to the seasons, but she is still 2 years away from retirement. And now, my own health as well as that of my dad’s may be triggering Plan C: bite the bullet and stay put.

Maxxer | 07. Dezember 2019


When I go back home it’s 15 miles
When I go straight to the country house it’s 80 miles

So a 160 miles round trip from country house at -15 requires me to charge at work if I have to drive fast in case of an emergency

Maxxer | 07. Dezember 2019


I have looked for a villa in Anse d’Arlet in Martinique too as I went cycling there with a friend who has a nice Villa there but the weather is so hot, it won’t be comfortable cycling/running there in 15-20 years. I went to do an Ironman in Cozumel, Mexico and it was gruellingly hot. I don’t think it will get any better.

sbeggs | 07. Dezember 2019

I must say, you have really excellent taste in potential places to live!

Maxxer | 07. Dezember 2019

It might change in May though, I am going for a cycling trip in Mallorca so it might take a place on the top of my list to replace the steel and unforgiving Dolomites

FISHEV | 07. Dezember 2019

"So a 160 miles round trip from country house at -15 requires me to charge at work if I have to drive fast in case of an emergency"

-15!!!! Yikes.

I can't make my 156 there, back and there trip without charging and that's just after it got below 40.

Don't they provide any special parking for medical staff on-call? Our call is 30 minutes so could never live 80 miles out...when I used to take call hospital provided. We actually had a call house and I could run a cord from the outdoor plug to car...but that was before the Tesla.

There is the Chademo adapter. Are there any 50kW Chademo's around? We've got one near the shop so I can use that in a pinch. 200mph charging.

Maxxer | 07. Dezember 2019

I have a Chademo in the hospital downtown Montreal I take calls but the one on the South Shore is far away the other side of the Indian Native réserve and they have only a regular charging station

daddy88 | 07. Dezember 2019

1. If you remotely heat the car cabin 5 minutes before you go out would it have prevented the door/window being stuck?

2. Maybe to hang a mitten on the car folding mirror to prevent it from frozen?

3. Suction cup with cover for the charging door also if car parked outside.

Maxxer | 07. Dezember 2019

1) yes did that for 5 minutes, had the same problem

2) I removed auto fold, you mean a mitten on the side windows

3) will bring my 3 succion cups I used to replace iPhone screens, however there is often ice on the cover so I don’t think suction will be terrific

Njbrw549 | 07. Dezember 2019

If your breaker kicked out at 3 a.m, you may want to get the circuit checked out. The charger monitors the current draw and lowers it if too much. Maybe a loose connection or bad breaker.

jamilworm | 07. Dezember 2019

Thanks for making me feel good about living in San Diego.

M3phan | 07. Dezember 2019

I preheat for 30 mins and it’s not even below freezing. I reckon I’m colder climates you’d need more than 5 minutes.

edwpang | 07. Dezember 2019

Luckily I have a garage at home to park my model 3. I can charge my car at work in underground parking.

edwpang | 07. Dezember 2019

I definitely understand your pain and frustration. I do remember when I bought my model 3, the adviser mentioned these issues were fixed already.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 07. Dezember 2019

SOLUTION: Live where the Sun shines!

Any temperature below ~75° Fahrenheit is positively frigid. I get goosebumps. My nose & ears turn red. My feet feel as if they are sitting in a bucket of ICE. And people around me start complaining about 'feeling hot' if the temperature is the slightest bit above 62° Fahrenheit. Cold weather feels like DEATH to me.

Tesla2018 | 08. Dezember 2019

Does the model 3 have heated mirrors that go on with the defrosters? My old car had them but I never knew it until I broke off the mirror backing out of my garage.
Its 3Am and I cant sleep since I overdosed on caffeine by drinking too much coffee. Its 67 degrees in December and it feels cold to me. I would rather have it be 100 degrees than 32. Guess I need to put on long pants and put sneakers on instead of fiip flops and close my windows.

AWDTesla | 08. Dezember 2019

Fishev is bang on about the winter gremlins this car has. Are you guys going to chase me out now? Get a fuckim grip you dip shits and move on. Its absolutely annoying having to listen to this shit in every fuckin thread.

AWDTesla | 08. Dezember 2019

The door handles are one of the worst designs I've seen for Canadian climate. My charger door used to not open in the cold either but was fixed last year as part of a cold weather redesign.

Rodo | 08. Dezember 2019

No complaints about the weather in California but the traffic is another story

andy | 08. Dezember 2019

There are a number of elements of the design that have an American, and more specifically, warm climate, wide parking spaces, laizzer faire attitude to speed limits and simplified roads focus.

It's a great car, but you can tell that the designers were used to designing for a local market, Now that it's gone worldwide we'll no doubt see evolutions. Better turning circle and shorter wheelbase would also be good - had problems in a London car park. Car couldn't make the turn in a. multi-story. I'd have had to reverse out if it weren't for the fact that a space opposite became clear.

Last week England was frosty, but not too sub-zero (celcius). The roads were covered in the rock salt that gets used here. 700 miles of driving and an hour of cleaning to try and get the rock salt off the car. I also left it on the drive for a day and the brakes dug in and took a moment to release.

Must find a window to get a ceramic coating.

rob | 08. Dezember 2019

Would a portable hair dryer help? I wouldn't know, Doesn't get cold enough here in Austin.

andy | 08. Dezember 2019

@rob I don’t think a Vesper would fit in the boot - maybe on a towball.

Tesla2018 | 08. Dezember 2019

If you use the phone app you can turn the heat on in the car before getting in. Dont know if it lets you do defrost on the app but that might be an idea for a future update. But 10 below is insanely cold and most places never get that cold. Only remember it getting that cold twice in 50 years when I lived in NJ and most of the people in the country live at a lower latitude.

However any car will have trouble at 10 below. Most have dead batteries or wont start when its that cold. And if you use diesel, it gels unless you use an additive.

PteRoy | 08. Dezember 2019


-10f is a regular day in our winter. We’ll get -20f and -30f with the wind chill for days sometimes a week or two. Heck we even get -40 a day or two sometimes.

Canada. Heck ya!

FISHEV | 08. Dezember 2019

"Dont know if it lets you do defrost on the app but that might be an idea for a future update."

It does. There's a red window defrost icon on the Climate Control screen on the app. On the morning I got frozen out, I put it on 72F about 5-10 minutes before going to car which I also did with the Subaru. I just did it to have warm car not thinking about defrost but the car was frozen shut.

Next time I'll have to use the @coleAK technique which is 15 minutes at "HI".

The red defrost button looks to be on by default. I just turned on Climate and the red icon shows up but is not a selection item. There is another defrost windshield icon at bottom that is selectable but the other red defrost icon on top right never changes so not sure if defrost stays on or if driver is selecting/deselecting. Probably sit in the car and do it to see what is actually happening.

It would be good to have it select Defrost Front and Rear as the default as that way the side windows will get some direct heat to thaw since they have to thaw to get into the car. Have the button at bottom to Deselect the defrost but have defrost the default. The red icon fools you into thinking its on.

gparrot | 08. Dezember 2019

Tesla2018, my Toyotas, Volvos and Subaru of the past few decades have all started beautifully in temperatures well into -20ºc. The batteries supplied in cars nowadays are wonderful indeed.
And it’s not insanely cold at all: I’ve seen baggage loaders at the Edmonton airport working in shorts when it was roughly -20c. Mind you, I suspect they build a money pot in the summertime and the last guy who removes his shorts in the winter wins the jackpot.

Lorenzryanc | 08. Dezember 2019

I think EV's will have to improve for winter use. California is perfect for EV year-round, but Canada or north and south of the Tropics make EVs more undesirable for the reasons you mentioned. Maybe soon they'll have a winter package with heaters in handles, weatherstripping, charge port, steering wheel, etc. Range will be a ~50% hit with all that, but some people would want especially as battery range improves. Stay warm!

gparrot | 08. Dezember 2019

And yet, the Norwegians have been dealing with this problem for a while and we don’t hear of their problems.

FISHEV | 08. Dezember 2019

"I think EV's will have to improve for winter use."

Getting frozen out of the car is not really an EV issue at all. It has do with window and door handle design. They need to be changed to fix the problems. Tesla has known about problem for three years and has not fixed it. Looks to be the same problems coming up for Model Y.

Magic 8 Ball | 08. Dezember 2019

A wonderful thing about the Model 3 Tesla is you can remotely Pre-Heat the car so frozen and cold is a nothingburger. There is no design flaw since they designed in a function to mitigate. Of course if you are intellectually challenged like, like a virus, you will never understand this concept.

andy | 08. Dezember 2019

It’s a little known fact that Edmonton baggage handlers are the love children of Geordie hen dos.

FISHEV | 08. Dezember 2019

"Norwegians have been dealing with this problem for a while and we don’t hear of their problems."

Stoic Scandinavians. It's probably less of a problem when temps stay freezing. It's when it's wet and then freezes that the problems are worst. When I got frozen out it had been raining and then froze overnight.

PteRoy | 08. Dezember 2019


You live where again?

Magic 8 Ball | 08. Dezember 2019


I live in CA, not far from Tesla's Palo Alto headquarters. I have read many accounts from ColeAK (He is year round Alaska) and he uses Pre-Heat without issue. I believe his accounts are credible and I will go with his expertise. I also have read accounts from others that live in the cold and they also share same.

gparrot | 08. Dezember 2019

M8B, as long as the car is connected on shore power, it’s not an issue. But after spending a day at my dad’s home, and the car wasn’t plugged in, it IS an issue. His home was built in the mid-fifties, and there are no 120V plugs outside so I can’t supply the car with a little lovin’ heat for a few hours.