Do you "Tip" the mobile service techs?

Do you "Tip" the mobile service techs?

Well, do you?

Magic 8 Ball | 10. Dezember 2019


With the last one I shared: Buy low Sell high

Joshan | 10. Dezember 2019

have you ever tipped any other service tech?

jebinc | 10. Dezember 2019

Well, I tried to give the mobile guys some money for lunch/coffee, but they refused. The only thing they asked for was a good survey score.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 10. Dezember 2019

I think they make good money and don't want your tips

jebinc | 10. Dezember 2019

P.S. Oh, they did give me free wiper blades... ;-)

yudansha™ | 10. Dezember 2019

@jebinc So, they gave a tip? ;)

stevehendler | 10. Dezember 2019

No, you don't tip techs. Especially no at Tesla because they don't fix anything. Seems more the Service Writer/Management's fault though.

jimglas | 10. Dezember 2019

the guy who worked on my car refused a tip. He did accept a soft drink from the garage fridge.
it was pretty hot that day.

whealey85 | 10. Dezember 2019

No no no

Shesmyne2 | 10. Dezember 2019

While I have tried I believe they are not allowed to take tips.
But they are happy with cupcakes!

Still Grinning ;-)

M3phan | 10. Dezember 2019

I always bring food appropriate to the time of day of my service. Mornings I always bring in three dozen breakfast tacos, when I go in the afternoon I always bring five extra large pizzas.

mcmack15 | 10. Dezember 2019

I bring them nice pastry from the local bake shop. And, in between visits I will stop in and drop some goodies off from the same bakery.

yudansha™ | 10. Dezember 2019

I was wondering about tipping; it’s good to know it’s not expected.

mcmack15 | 10. Dezember 2019

Sorry--I misread the title and didn't see OP was asking about just the mobile techs. I apologize. I have never used the mobile techs, but if I did I would attempt to tip them or have some pastry ready for them to take with them.

billlake2000 | 10. Dezember 2019

Food or drink seems like a good idea. During winter, think about giving ear muffs

BuffaloBillsFan | 10. Dezember 2019

My personal opinion. Always, always offer to tip anyone who comes to your house to service anything! We had two guys install our new bed about a year ago. They did a great job and were very friendly. The $40.00 we tipped them seemed small in comparison to the job they did.

Some people decline (due to company regulations or personal feelings), but I think everyone I have offered tips to in the past appreciates the fact that I value their work. Always offer to tip and accept when they say no.

Again, JMO.

whealey85 | 10. Dezember 2019

Tipping is for service. Not for fixing problems that shouldn't exist. Most people would never tip a mechanic. A mobile tech is a modern mechanic

Joshan | 10. Dezember 2019

I agree with most here that a nice warm/hot drink and offering of a snack is likely the best option with the mobile techs. I have not had any Tesla service yet, but good to know for the future!

teslamazing | 10. Dezember 2019

No but maybe offer a beverage?

yudansha™ | 10. Dezember 2019

I wasn’t able to leave my desk last time Tesla tech worked on my car in the parking garage. He opened the car on his own and finished before I was able to see him. Should I leave a bottle of whisky for him next time?

Sparky | 10. Dezember 2019

Giving a gift for special service is never a bad idea. But the tipping economy has become a ridiculous catalyst for tax evasion by service employees who are under compensated because there is an assumption of a topped up salary. If all employers paid employees fairly for their effort we wouldn't have to be hunting for outdated cash in our pockets every time we purchase a service. And we wouldn't have waitresses making more than pharmacists.

kevin_rf | 10. Dezember 2019

My only encounter with one, was when I cut him off getting on 495.... Oooopsie, Zoom, Zoom

R.I.P Kobe | 10. Dezember 2019

I give every guest a choice of either a chicken or weed.

Rippin1Gear | 10. Dezember 2019

How often are you guys going into service center? Some make it sound like you live there lol

yudansha™ | 10. Dezember 2019

I had a lot of problems (more than 10), but Tesla fixed every single one of them.

vmulla | 10. Dezember 2019

I got them a box of donuts once.
A tech got into an accident in my car while doing a test drive (not his fault). The poor guy even had to visit a hospital. That episode really tried the service center staff.
The box of donuts doesn't do justice for their professionalism. Thank you Tyson's Corner Tesla Service for handling that, and keeping me happy through 50k miles on my 3

Haggy | 12. Dezember 2019

The policy has always been no tipping. By always, I mean that it was policy five years ago, and at the time I was told that it had been the policy all along.

mcmack15 | 12. Dezember 2019

And..........for those of us that had jobs servicing the public (back in the day I was a bar tender at a local gin mill and was paid $18 for a 9 to 10 hour shift that including cleaning the place up and restocking everything after it closed). If we got $10 in tips it was a great night (bottle of Bud went for 45 cents, and most customers would pay with two quarters and leave the nickle tip, while some left nothing and still got great service--------the regulars that sat and drank from 7:30 to closing would leave 75 cents or a dollar--------and we were thrilled to get it..............for folks like me, we tend to over tip and tip more people than most. Just a fact of life.............and I am very glad to be able to tip these folks. Also taught my children and wife to over tip did all my friends that had similar jobs growing up. To this day, more than 50 years later, our wives' still smile when we are out together and it is time to leave the tip. Anyway, just reminiscing........

yudansha™ | 12. Dezember 2019

Do you tip at McDonald's or at other lower paid establishments?

brscpo | 12. Dezember 2019

Yes - I did tip the mobile service tech when he installed my Homelink -- at my office and in the rain.

Sparky | 12. Dezember 2019

@tanya; good point. The tipping economy is illogical in the extreme!

ie: best service in the world is in Japan where there is absolutely no tipping.

yudansha™ | 12. Dezember 2019

@ Sparky True. It should be employer’s responsibility, not customers. Leaving change is one thing, paying more than you make yourself in an hour is extreme.

Sparky | 12. Dezember 2019

@tanya; exactly; especially when you know that most cash tip money goes into an untaxed underground economy. Australia is another place where they don't expect tips (except from Americans) because they pay their wait staff appropriately. The service is great there and so is the food!

Joe M | 13. Dezember 2019

If you are kind enough to tip your tech I am not sure I would acknowledge that here. Tesla knows who you are and if there is a no tipping policy they can connect you to the tech.

landoncube | 13. Dezember 2019

I have tried tipping my amazing mobile service man, Jack. He’s very politely refused and proclaimed how much he loves his job and his company.

The_Flash | 13. Dezember 2019

I don't offer them money but I do offer them a snack bar + a water bottle or an energy drink. and they are very happy with this gesture. :)

The_Flash | 13. Dezember 2019

@landoncube holy cow.. your Tesla has an engine? :o :p

landoncube | 13. Dezember 2019

Mobile service can accommodate any request. I had them install a Mr. Fusion.

Also, the FSD hardware is so good I had him remove the steering wheel.

rob | 13. Dezember 2019

@ landoncube
Are you going to mount a TV tray there?

don.lind | 13. Dezember 2019

I've had my car just a year now... and I've not needed any service (mobile or otherwise). Never seen a mobile tech. We live about 90 minutes from the closest service center and I'm not sure they'd wanna trek out to our place, anyway.

@mcmack15 - on the tipping... yeah, my wife worked as a waitress at a Sambo's (similar to a Denny's) back in the mid '70's. She learned that being a waitress is a hard job and doesn't pay a lot. As a result, we've always tipped pretty good at restaurants (we don't hit fancy places anyway). Recently retired, we're at a place in life where we're doing OK and as a result, we can leave nice tips when we're out at a restaurant. It's kinda a nice to be able give someone doing a hard, often thankless job a little extra.

adoh2010 | 13. Dezember 2019

Can you tip an engineer? Because certified techs make more than an engineer, and that's regular ASE techs not those working on Teslas.

mikenorthrup | 14. Dezember 2019

I never tipped my auto mechanics for the new cars I purchased (Audi, Miatas, Acura, MBZ), but I always tip my bike mechanics (a cold six pack is my standard). And I always tip roadside assistance.

Sparky | 14. Dezember 2019

The tipping policy reminds me of the old Monty Python sketch; "when I say there is no cannibalism in the Royal Navy what I mean to say is that there is very little..."

Rosie1 | 14. Dezember 2019

IMO tipping should be reserved for someone going way above and beyond their job description. Exception is service workers i.e. wait staff. Tipping cashiers for doing the job they are hired to do is getting ridiculous. Tipping service techs for doing their job also ridiculous. Now if they throw in a part or repair that wasn’t on the order that saves you a trip or cash, ok.

yudansha™ | 14. Dezember 2019

@Rosie1 So they should steal from Tesla to "throw in a part" to "save you cash"? Seriously?