I received an email from this address. Seems they somehow lost my e-signed paperwork and want me to e-sign again. I believe this is legit email but have not went to the link yet. Anyone else recognize the email address?

EVRider | 31. Dezember 2019

Are they asking you to send documentation to that e-mail address? I wouldn’t do that. If they’re asking you to upload something to your Tesla account, that’s probably OK. If in doubt, contact Tesla to verify the request.

Jallnock | 31. Dezember 2019

Same thing happened to me! Were you able to verify if this was legit or not?

prudence.ruzicka | 21. Januar 2020

Same for me. They wanted me to send something via

I have forwarded to my Tesla Sales Rep and notified them via the website support chat but neither has been able to confirm anything for me.