Honest review from a car guy

Honest review from a car guy

Five days in with my long range awd and it has completely exceeded my big expectations. I love cars. I asked for road and track subscriptions for my birthday at 10. I bought a 2 seat manual Rx7 for my first car upgraded to the fast and furious twin turbo rx7 and Infiniti coupes my friends have bmw m5’s and m3’s. I love cars. The Tesla m3 is a complete game changer. It excels at everything.
1. The stereo is incredible
2. The seats are ridiculously soft and comfortable
3. The regen one foot driving is way better than the old way
4.the instant acceleration not just from 0 but from 40 to 70 with no downshift is mind blowing
5. The autopilot is the best New feature I’ve ever experienced. I sit in Southern California traffic my back and right ankle would be sore after work. I am so much more relaxed with autopilot. It’s perfect for commuting on the freeway. I feel like I’m in the future.
6. I signed up for Tesla insurance similar coverage AAA was $3100 annually TESLA $1200 annual.
7. My regular basic 15 amp plug in my garage has been sufficient for my 60 to 75 miles of driving daily. I’m going to upgrade to my dryer plug but could deal if I had to. Plug in at 6pm unplug at 7 am = 13 hours of charge x 5 miles = 65 miles of range added at night
8. The interior and seats(I got white) looks like an exotic car from my posters I had on my walls growing up. The glass roof makes the interior feel huge and modern.
9. My 3 year old cracked up for 10 minutes by me pressing the fart button and moving it to his brothers seat.
10. I love cars, these are just the first few things that have blown me away and I felt like I had to share. Thank you for all the great info on this forum.
P.S. I ordered 12/9/19 got instant feedback from my SA was told 2-3 weeks and took delivery 21 days later. My delivery was smooth and easy. My guy was cool and helpful everyone was nice and kept congratulating me. The panel gaps and paint were as good as any new car I’ve purchased.
I named my car KITT 2020 after my favorite childhood show Knight Rider
This car is the future now.
My instincts say put every dollar into Tesla stock.
Just my honest opinion
Happy New Year

RayNLA | 03. Januar 2020

Have the paint corrected ceramic coated. Then PPF the front end and rocker panels asap.
Also never take it to a car wash that uses brushes!

apodbdrs | 04. Januar 2020

Congratulations as well!!

Enjoy your new Tesla M-3, it only gets better as the free software upgrade improvements occur! Best car ever and Tesla is a great company!

I agree, the basic 15 amp outlet is just fine for daily 60 RT driving, plus there are plenty of Superchargers or destination chargers available should one be needed!

Magic 8 Ball | 04. Januar 2020

Fanboi, eh?

andy.connor.e | 04. Januar 2020

I went from an 01 vehicle, to an 09 vehicle, to a 17 vehicle. Each step felt like such a jump. I guarantee i will feel the same about the cybertruck

vmulla | 04. Januar 2020

What was the jump you experienced between the 01 and 07 vehicles?

andy.connor.e | 04. Januar 2020

Never drove an 07. I went from a truck to a yaris, so while the size shrunk significantly, 8 years difference was that everything about the car was nicer.

vmulla | 04. Januar 2020

@andy.connor.e, I mistyped - I meant 09. But I got what you are saying.

andy.connor.e | 04. Januar 2020

ya the yaris got me through college but it was pretty shit. im 6'-2" so trying to fit in that clown car was killing my back, thats actually why i didnt get the M3 in the first place, and got a house last year instead. I couldnt have made a better decision because the cybertruck is going to be perfect.

vmulla | 04. Januar 2020

Keep an eye out for a used Model 3. I'm scouting for used mid-range cars for my friends. I say this only because CT is a few years away.

andy.connor.e | 04. Januar 2020

Ya and thats fine, it gives me an ideal amount of time to save for a larger down payment. Problem really is that now that i've got a house, i really need a hatchback something with utility and storage. So the timeframe was perfect. I was going to go for Model Y, but Cybertruck stats beat MY in every way plus the stainless steel. Its a no brainer.

Big_Ed | 04. Januar 2020

If you have a house, I advise buying a beater pickup truck as a backup vehicle. Endlessly useful.

andy.connor.e | 04. Januar 2020

why would i do that when i can get the cybertruck? I mean the term "need" is not like i need it right now, its more of a convenience.

Alan_F | 04. Januar 2020

Wasn't the OP asking about the SR vs. the SR+ and not the SR vs. the LR?

I hadn't considered that Tesla might be limiting the minimum discharge of the battery rather than the maximum charge of the battery to lock the SR+ down to SR range levels. One way to know would be to watch what a car does when it is upgraded from SR to SR+ while fully charged (to whatever charge limit has been set). If it starts charging again once uploaded, the maximum charge was limited. If it doesn't start charging but the range projection goes up, it was discharge limited.

Are there diagnostics that could show whether a SR charged to X% has the cells charged to the same level as a SR+ charged to the same percentage?

Varricks | 11. Januar 2020

All the garbage we used to eat when driving ICE cars, worrying about timing belts, oil miles, valve clearance, transmission and on and on and on until the next $400 dealer visit, now GONE. With a car faster than anything else I've driven, great handling, and just a wonderful feel at the wheel, along with the Tesla Community.... we all win.

Maxxer | 11. Januar 2020

When my SR got software limited it was charged to 95% and plugged
After the update it was at 100% and wasn’t charging

It took about 20 miles before the 100% SOC started to go down