How do I know what specs my X has?

How do I know what specs my X has?

I placed an order for a 325 mile long range Model X on 9/26, and took delivery in the middle of October. I was told it would have HW3 installed, but on the latest software update I'm not seeing stop signs etc. I looked at the encoding for the dashcam and it's encoding in h.264, which I've been told means I have HW2.5. Is that correct? And how do I even know if I have the 325 mile range version? I'm starting to get worried about that, but I'm not even sure how to check the rated range. Should I just charge to 100% and check the projected range on the trip page?

Bighorn | 10. Januar 2020

Date of production is on the door jamb. That should help differentiate what you have.

lilbean | 10. Januar 2020

Monroney sticker?

pilotjcf | 10. Januar 2020

I don't think I ever saw a sticker, but if there was one it's gone now.

Thanks for the door jamb info! I checked and it was manufactured in 09/19. So, it's weird that it wouldn't have HW3, yeah? I wonder how that will affect resale.
Also, I charged to 100% tonight to be sure and it's showing 328 miles projected so that's good.

Al Cantara | 11. Januar 2020

You have HW3. You are not seeing the traffic visualizations because you need to go into Controls -> Autopilot and toggle the selection to view the traffic visualizations.

m.a.joanisse | 11. Januar 2020

if you see orange cones when they are present you have HW3. If you do not see them you have 2.5. As note full visualizations is available in the US only and must be activated in controls

Bighorn | 11. Januar 2020

Raven/HW3 transitioned around April, so there’s little doubt.

lilbean | 11. Januar 2020

My “sticker” was in the glovebox.

pilotjcf | 12. Januar 2020

Ok, for the record, there should definitely be an easy way to see these stats. But yeah, I didn't enable the visualizations in the options. You all are great, and I learned a few things, so thanks.

raffidesigns | 12. Januar 2020

@pilotjcf There is. Log in to your account on You should see your vin. Once you click manage, you should see your vehicle. Click on Manage and will see all details regarding your vehicle.

raffidesigns | 12. Januar 2020

Question for all. Does Tesla ship HW3 on all Raven Model X/S regardless if FSD is purchased?

Bighorn | 12. Januar 2020


pilotjcf | 13. Januar 2020

@raffidesigns: That page doesn't tell you what hardware version you have or what the rated range is.