HW3 (or FSD computer) upgrade tracker

HW3 (or FSD computer) upgrade tracker

Some of these are obviously going out, but there is a lot of confusion on how they are rolling them out. So how about tracking in this thread. If you have gotten the upgrade (or have been contacted about it) please list the following:

Whether you requested upgrade, or if they contacted you. Also, if your car was going into the SC for something else
Date of contact
SC location
Whether you ordered FSD with the car or later
Time it took to get it back
Whether all your settings were erased or not
Any other nuggets of info that you picked up during the process

Personally, my VIN is 105,XXX. I had an appt with the SC in November for something else and added FSD upgrade to the list of actions in the app. I was told that it wasn't ready, and that they would contact me when it was, so denied.

jon.simonsen | 13. Januar 2020

SC appointment for tire rotation. SC offered FSD and 2 Service Advisories.
Ordered FSD March 2019
In SC Friday 12/5, Picked up Wednesday 12/10, Model S loaner.
All settings remained unchanged
Software reverted from 2019.36.2.4 to 2019.32.12.6
Make sure you unplug and remove devices from the front USB or they will and will not reconnect.

jon.simonsen | 13. Januar 2020

SC Trade Place, San Diego CA | 13. Januar 2020

It would be better to see this in a spread sheet, like there was when we were tracking pre-orders, invites, and deliveries. I am not great with spread sheets, but I could create one in Google docs, all of us waiting for FSD can start updating it and then we can track how many are getting the upgrade and if there is any pattern... If I do it will not be fancy but much better than a forum post thread.. any takers.. should I create one?

82bert | 13. Januar 2020


stopnair | 13. Januar 2020

what 6 digits are you posting here? Last 6 digits of VIN? | 13. Januar 2020

I created this .. feel free to add your information or make changes, most questions came from OP

If you have any issues accessing let me know | 13. Januar 2020

@stopnair, Yes the last 6 of the VIN