Regarding going to Mars on Model X :: attn Elon Musk

Regarding going to Mars on Model X :: attn Elon Musk

To Whom It May Concern:

I write this post directed to Elon Musk.

I have noticed that throughout the course of your campaign with Tesla you have several times suggested your desire to chart a course through Mars. In my view this is a several decade effort. Assuming it can be done, you will need help from folks, many many folks, and in my view, some of those people have not been born yet. Furthermore, I do not believe that 100-1000 people under your employ will be able to achieve this just yet (I am a layman—this statement has no real basis).

I do recognize that there is an enormous obstacle to this task, one that perhaps you may or may have not have envisioned. In my view, there is a giant paywall hampering ready access to information that is not necessarily even for sale, and under the guardianship of big publication companies which prevent access to all sorts of amazing information and knowledge. However, often, without public university access, an article which often does not even have the answer you are looking for costs 50$ to download. Alternatively, journals like the New England journal of Medicine decades ago decided to allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise in their journal; I remember when my father saw this and he decried the NEJM for doing this. Inherently it prevents progress from occurring given the underlying conflict of interest it causes in seeking the truth. Often, I see billionaires consider charter schools as a way to crate a future—I don’t know...public school, private school, charter school—-all the same F-ing thing (don’t tell bill gates I said that).

Bezos got the Washington post. Great! Do something bigger.

How about providing every single citizen on this planet with mass access to scientifically published articles from the wide range of engineering articles, biomedical articles, pubmed/Ncbi, science, nature, all of it. Buy it all with your newfound wealth, buy an island, put all those PDFs readily available to the world.

“Elon Musk: tear down this paywall”

And you’ll have an army of intelligent scientifically sovereign citizens to take you to Mars in 10-20 years. Imagine millions of people synergistically collaborating with each others minds with ready access to all science literature. A modern Public Library perhaps in the way Benjamin Franklin envisioned it. Call it library of the universe. You, Bill Gates, want to create the next lattice for ensuing future generations, create a massive repository of scientific literature readily available for all to use. Even when I was an undergrad, I still had issues accessing scientific articles. It should be readily available. Imagine, for 20 years, all of this information at the fingertips of people who can understand, who can then teach it, who can then understand it, and teach it again, each time with a slightly different way of appreciating the subject matter. The scientific diversity this could create and the level of ideas it could evoke. I think your spaceship to Mars could get a lot bigger. If not in our time, maybe in 100-200 years. But you’d have to agree, we have to think logarithmically.

Call it Library of the Universe.

Mrotr565 | 22. Januar 2020

better yet.

Put it in space.

(But also on an island so there is a copy)

niduj | 24. Januar 2020

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