Pays me back more than double

Pays me back more than double

Buying a Model 3 caused me to follow the company and its stock much more closely. When I made the decision to buy, I was pretty confident I'd make a gain -- but not like this. My gains are enough to pay for the car -- twice! Thank, Tesla!

jimglas | 22. Januar 2020

mine could pay for a roadster

JAD | 22. Januar 2020

It is a nice club to be in....

ElectricAlex | 22. Januar 2020


CASEMAN | 22. Januar 2020

LOVING the car and the $$$. WIN - WIN!!

ElectricAlex | 22. Januar 2020

At this rate a roadster us in my future.

Well, not really, I have gotten the need for speed out of my system on the autobahn in my youth, but you get the picture.

Shesmyne2 | 22. Januar 2020

TSLA paid for our 2012 way back in....2013.
It wasn’t any where near the price it’s at now.
Elon happy dance.

Still Grinning ;-)

M3phan | 22. Januar 2020

Must be nice.