Second phone key stops working

Second phone key stops working

We have two Android phones. My one works 100% but the other one works a couple of times then refuses to unlock. I have deleted and added the phone a number of times but same result. Has anyone had a similar issue> Thanks.

crmedved | 11. Februar 2020

The model 3 can be finicky with some phones. My old Pixel phone would often need me to "wake it up" to unlock the car by tapping the lock button to turn the screen on. Occasionally I would need to restart the phone.

My Pixel 3 works flawlessly. Haven't had an issue in months.

So, it might just be the phone... and the only solution would be upgrade, or carry a M3 key fob (which are now passive entry and work flawlessly).

mps331 | 12. Februar 2020

crmedved- what do you mean passive entry? does the door open with a key fob for the M3?

thank you

gballant4570 | 12. Februar 2020

mps331, with either the fob or with phone as key, when you approach the car and operate the door handle, the door unlocks and opens without any action taken on either the phone or the fob. The fob is extra, it is not delivered with the car.

mps331 | 12. Februar 2020

thank you gballant4570

EVRider | 13. Februar 2020

Make sure you have background app refresh enabled for the Tesla app on both phones. Buying a $150 key fob is an expensive solution for something that can probably be fixed without spending a dime.

KeithT | 14. Februar 2020

EVRider, thanks, what do I do to 'have background app refresh enabled for the Tesla app' ?

Also, the phone that works is a Galaxy A10. The one that doesn't is a Galaxy J2 Pro.

EVRider | 15. Februar 2020

I have an iPhone, so I’ll let an Android phone owner tell you how to do it if you can’t find the answer online.