FSD Missing from Account Information - Again

FSD Missing from Account Information - Again

Checked my account information and now FSD is missing from it again. Then I checked my app and FSD is there but it shows I have Basic Autopilot instead of Enchanced Autopilot.

yudansha™ | 15. Februar 2020

I have both listed.
Enhanced Autopilot
Full Self-Driving Capability

nvjx | 15. Februar 2020

It is missing from my account information on the web too but it shows on my phone app. Don't know what is going on with Tesla.

Resist | 15. Februar 2020

This is the second time FSD has been removed from my account this week.

teslamazing | 15. Februar 2020

If you have documentation on the purchase, then I really wouldn’t worry about it.

RichardKJ | 15. Februar 2020

My FSD is still on the account at this time. It disappeared in the previous incident, and when it returned if was listed just as an option rather than an after delivery option with invoice. I cleverly downloaded the invoice when it was available so I'm set no matter what they do next.

bigroccrek | 15. Februar 2020

Mine shows both FSD and EAP but the link to the receipt pdf is now missing....:-(

VolleyballNE1 | 15. Februar 2020

The Web is more accurate with EAP and FSD, but the app only shows AP and FSD. But truly, if you see FSD, nothing else matters since you can't have FSD without all the prerequisites.

EVRider | 16. Februar 2020

I had FSD disappear from my Model S vehicle details twice, and it was resolved both times. Now it’s gone from my Model 3. I don’t have the option to buy FSD, so I’m sure it’s just a web account issue.

gballant4570 | 16. Februar 2020

Mine disappeared from my account details, and was not listed when I scheduled an SC appt. for a windshield replacement. Despite it being missing, the SC informed me that I would get the HW3 upgrade at the same appt, which happened last week. Today when I checked, FSD is back on my list......