Lane changing in AP 2 as of Feb. 2020

Lane changing in AP 2 as of Feb. 2020

I have been trying to find out a simple bit of info for two days now.
(All I’m finding are outdated YouTube videos and old posts from 2017.)
I just want to know if lane changing by using the turn signal will work in AP 2 at this point in time or not.
Is that spelled out in a read me file on the latest update?
Is it posted anywhere on Tesla’s maddeningly obtuse website?
Where do I get the definitive answer on this?

Please let me know.

Thanks. | 16. Februar 2020

It works for me, and I have HW2.0. AP must be on, and I think there is an option in Controls -> Autopilot to enable it. Easiest is to just try it - no need to look it up.

EVRider | 16. Februar 2020

Assuming you’re in the US, none of the AP-related changes has made since AP1 removed any functionality for existing owners. In other words, if your AP2 car was ever capable of auto lane change, it still is.

The new basic AP that became standard on all Teslas last year does not include auto lane change, but all previous AP variations and FSD do include auto lane change.

vermaruby38 | 16. Februar 2020

Is that spelled out in a read me file on the latest update?

Frank99 | 17. Februar 2020

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dianalevis | 19. Februar 2020

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cocempire47 | 19. Februar 2020

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