Latest Software Update

Latest Software Update

I'm a new Model X owner, just took delivery of a 2020 long range model two weeks ago. I'm curious about what's the most recent software version. My car has version 2019.35.106. I keep seeing references online to a 2020 version, but when I ask Tesla about this they keep telling me my system is up to date... Does anybody know if this is correct?

schaaf | 20. Februar 2020

Doesn't sound like it. My 2020 Model X (Long Range) has version 2019.40.50.7. According to TeslaFi, version 2020.4.1 is out for the Model X Long Range, but my car hasn't received that update yet.

Justin13 | 21. Februar 2020

2020.4.1 on my 75D at least 3 weeks now. Could be related to FSD.

ScooterJim | 24. Februar 2020

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You'll get it sooner or later, just have wait your turn. The most recent is 2020.4.10, but many are on 2020.4.1. I have been on 2020.4.1 for about 2 weeks.

sfurg73 | 25. Februar 2020

@gilcruz, I took delivery of my X a week ago and I have the same software version you mention. Seems like I should have received an update by now seeing as I’ve seen other X’s that have 2020.4.1. Not sure what I need to do to get an update pushed to me but it’s frustrating to say the least. One would think that a new car would have the latest and greatest, but I don’t pretend to understand how updates are pushed out and who gets them first.

ScooterJim | 26. Februar 2020

It is just like any software you purchased. Buy a product and it is loaded with the software at the time. When you install the software, changes to the software have been developed since the product was produced. Hence they always say check for updates. Tesla will notify you when you are receiving the next update. There are lots of cars to update and they don't go out all at once.

gilbert.lin.usa | 26. Februar 2020

My Tesla Model X Long Range (12/28/2019 ), Software 2019.40.50.6
Why i don't receive the 2020.XXXXXXX

info | 27. Februar 2020

I have 2 MX . My 2017 has 2020.4.1 . My 2018 has 2020.4.10

sfurg73 | 27. Februar 2020

@info, not nice to flex ;)

I have a 2020 and I’m rocking 2019.35.106. Not sure what I have to do to get an update, support won’t help.

jjgunn | 27. Februar 2020

Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?

We get there when we GET THERE!

I just had FSD HW 3.0 installed on my 2018 MX 100D. Currently has 2020.4.1

4.10 is just bug fixes.

On your car, bring up the menu & click "software" it will check for updates. Keep doing this once a day until you have the latest. Currently 2020.4.x

gilcruz | 28. Februar 2020

Thanks to everyone for sharing your software update info with me. At least now I don't feel so alone... I suppose it will get here when it gets here. Thanks again.

janwbol | 02. März 2020

It's hard for me to understand that a $100k car doesn't come with the latest/greatest software. I got my new X-LR last week and it still has 2019 software on it. It hasn't updated yet, even though it check it daily. There should be a way to force the update.

liftsrock | 02. März 2020

@janwbol I would think that the Service Center could easily push the newest software update to your car . . . but I don't know for certain that they can.

r.hauser | 02. März 2020

Tried to pick up a new MX 3/1 but found it still did not have the LR+. Said I will have to reschedule pickup because the service center needs to install the firmware for the (+). New schedule is 3/4. Originally ordered as MXLR 1/17 since the + was not an option then. Was told that all MXs would be the + version but I guess they are behind schedule!

jimglas | 02. März 2020


janwbol | 02. März 2020

Well, I screamed too soon... The update (2020.4.11) just started. Yehaw. Now, let's see all the new goodies ...

sw | 02. März 2020

It has been reported that 10.2.2020.4.11 is what is on a MX Long Range Plus model delivered on 3/2/2020.

janwbol | 03. März 2020

My MX LR now has 2020.4.11 and showed an increased range. Does that make my X a 'plus'?

sfurg73 | 03. März 2020

I have still yet to receive any updates. Really frustrating when my car is 2 weeks old and I’m still rocking 2019.35.

jimglas | 03. März 2020

make sure you are connected to WIFI. I didnt do that when I got my MX and didnt get any OTA updates until I did

sfurg73 | 03. März 2020

@jimglas, my MX has been connected to Wifi since day one. Car is parked out front and my WiFi broadcasts outside fairly well. I usually have 3 of 4 bars illuminated on the WiFi signal. Not sure why we aren’t getting any updates.

janwbol | 03. März 2020

Question: When you get an update you can get info on that update by going to 'software' on your car's screen. However, is there an on-line pdf or doc that lists all the improvements associated with a particular update? Thanks.

sfurg73 | 03. März 2020

Not sure how often this is updated but here are some of the Release Notes:

gilcruz | 03. März 2020

My Model X just informed me that it's downloading 2020.4.11, can't wait to read the release notes to see what kinds of goodies I got.

janwbol | 04. März 2020

sfurg73: thanks for that. It seems that that site running a bit behind with updates but i'll keep an eye on it. Kinda strange that one can only read release notes in the car.

Dcam1967 | 04. März 2020

2018 Model X 100D Hardware 3, received an update last night and currently at 2020.4.11

Dcam1967 | 04. März 2020

Make sure your car is connected to your homes wifi over night. The yellow download arrow means your car is waiting on wifi connectivity. Green download arrow means wifi is connected and downloading has started.

pevansjr | 05. März 2020

My 2020 X long range received this past November has the latest software 4.11 as of the first of this month, but the max range is still at 328. Is this new update supposed to increase the range? Or is it only for the newer models coming out this year?

JANWBOL -- you mentioned your LR increased in range with the new software update. What did the range increase to?

Micpad | 05. März 2020

Just got 2020.4.11 but my ranged decreased by approx 5% at full charge. I thought it was suppose to increase not decrease

hoener1968 | 06. März 2020

Question Are Hepa filters standard on all 2020 c or is it something I need to order? Thanks

gilcruz | 06. März 2020

False alarm on downloading my 2020.4.11 software update. My car was stuck in "download" mode for 4 days and nights and nothing ever came in. I finally contacted Tesla and I'm now scheduled for a Mobile Service visit this weekend.

janwbol | 07. März 2020

What??? Another update? I was just notified that i am getting updated from 2020.4.11 (installed only a few days ago) to 2020.8.1. Can't wait to see what's new.

liftsrock | 07. März 2020

My 2018 X 75D received 2020.8.1 on 3/5 and release notes show two items; Change to Bluetooth so it connects to phone only when you are sitting in the seat with the doors closed and, improved voice commands recognition.

janwbol | 07. März 2020

Indeed, 2020.8.1 is no Biggie. Some bug fixes and three improvements (regenerative breaking, bluetooth, and voice commands.)

janwbol | 07. März 2020

Having just driven with this latest update, I'd say that the regenerative breaking is more 'powerful'; it seems to stop/slow down a bit more aggressively. Also, my X-LR now says 'X Long Range Plus', something it did not say before. Haven't quite figured out the texting yet...

sarathrulz | 07. März 2020

Hello @janwbol,

What was the manufacturing month/year of ur MX? Mine was 11/19 and took delivery on Dec 31 2019. Just wanted to check if I will miss out on range upgrade by OS or not.

janwbol | 08. März 2020

@sarathrulz ... My MX-LR+ is a 2020; I took delivery on 2/28/20.

contactsjp | 08. März 2020

Anyone experiencing issues with 2020.8.1? I’ve got black-screens; and Bluetooth connectivity issues.

contactsjp | 08. März 2020

Anyone experiencing issues with 2020.8.1? I’ve got black-screens; and Bluetooth connectivity issues.

contactsjp | 08. März 2020

Anyone experiencing issues with 2020.8.1? I’ve got black-screens; and Bluetooth connectivity issues.

adityan | 08. März 2020

@janwbol The Long Range Plus upgrade came in 8.1 or 4.11? I got 4.11 but my range did not update.

brian.bradac | 09. März 2020

I just took delivery of my new Model X LR + today and it’s only showing 295 for 100% charge. It updated to 2020.4.11 today when I got it home. Am I missing something? Thought it was supposed to show 351 miles at 100%

brian.bradac | 09. März 2020

Also I was unfortunate enough to have a flat bed spring a hydraulic leak that spewed hydraulic fluid all over my new car before I could drive off the lot. Not sure what to do about it. It’s been cleaned but all the windows get a fresh coat of oil when they go back up.

TeslaModelSEXY | 09. März 2020

I have a 2020 Model X but received driver end of 12/2019. I just updated my model x to 8.1 today and I did not get any mile increases on the car. This sucks.

TeslaModelSEXY | 09. März 2020

I have a 2020 Model X but received the model x longe range at the end of 12/2019. I just updated my model x to 8.1 today and I did not get any mile increases on the car. This sucks.

adityan | 09. März 2020

I installed 8.1 on my 2020 but range did not update :(

adityan | 10. März 2020

I contacted customer service today and this is what I was told. Will try this..

Tesla Rep: Ok so I do see an update that went through yesterday for that. So to see the range increase what your going to want to do is exercise the cells in the battery, how you will do this is charge the car to 100% then use down to about 20%. Repeat this a few times and you should see that range increase.

Me: you know how many times I need to do this?

Tesla Rep: So I would do it about three times and you should start to see that range increase.

Me: Ok thanks....will try that and contact you again if it does not increase

TeslaModelSEXY | 10. März 2020

@ aditytan - I Think you are getting horses around. On the monitor my Tesla still shows just long range not longe range plus like how others mentioned it did. This sucks that even though my vehicle is 2020 I missed out on the longe range plus ...

mike | 11. März 2020

I just updated 8.1.1 five minutes ago. It now says Tesla X Long Range Plus on the dash and my current range just bumped up significantly.

rdenny | 11. März 2020

@contactsjp (times 3) no problems here with the new software. 2020.8.1

liludiivert | 12. März 2020

@mike What was the build date/battery revision on your Model X?