What’s the Max speed you have ever driven at?

What’s the Max speed you have ever driven at?

Tesla Model 3 from Milan to Munich on autobahn
Following flowing traffic on the left lane at 130MPH 208km/h
At this speed 10% of battery consumed in 2 minutes.
Incredibly stable at that speed.

CASEMAN | 14. März 2020

150 MPH in my C5 Corevette

170 MPH on my Ninja 900

140 in my P3 but didn't want to go any faster with my wife and kids in the car.

F.vanalstine | 15. März 2020

I hit the speed limiter (167 mph) in my Audi S6 many years ago on very deserted Wyoming rural highway. Getting back down to 80 mph afterwards, it then felt like parallel parking speed.

Remember, speed does not kill, otherwise all our astronauts would be dead as they have gone faster then anyone else.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 15. März 2020

I believe it is called 'rapid deceleration trauma' by first responders and county cmedical examiners.

BrandX | 15. März 2020

163 MPH indicated. I-90 in Montana, early morning May 2007. Porsche 996 C4S.

Orthopod | 15. März 2020

Speed doesn’t kill
Sudden negative acceleration does

Mike83 | 15. März 2020

Not telling