It shows on Teslafi. Anyone have it and the release notes?

MichaelB00012 | 13. März 2020

Installing now.

stopnair | 13. März 2020

I don't see this update for M3...

brscpo | 13. März 2020

First time receiving and update on 1st day. Release Notes show same as last, Bluetooth and Improved Voice Commands - notes that the release is bug fixes.

jhbisker | 13. März 2020

Installed this today and release notes were a repeat of previous, so looks like it was bug fixes as folks are saying.

normanrindom | 13. März 2020

Doing the update now. Earlier today, GPS locked up and would not reset. Lost navigation, first time since owning car. Install is at 30% now. It is 23:30 now will go for a drive as soon as possible to see if GPS is working again...