2020.12 notes

2020.12 notes

Anybody else had an issue where the notes on the 2020.12 update 'get stuck'. On previous updates I can scroll but on this update I get an image of the notes with a scroll bar but it is just a static image and does not scroll, kind of like a photo of release notes. I know there isn't anything exciting to read in the notes but just wondered if anyone else had the viewing issue that I have?


bjrosen | 16. März 2020

Scroll down on the page itself, the scroll bar seems to work in the wrong direction, i.e dragging down does nothing, dragging up scrolls down.

NorthValley | 16. März 2020

I think that is how scrolling has always worked but I'll recheck. Thanks

gparrot | 16. März 2020

I’ve been spying on TeslaFi for the past three days, and I noticed 2020.12 is reserved to the U.S. only. Needless to say I haven’t checked every minute, but has someone from outside the U.S. gotten 2020.12?

mumnoon1 | 20. März 2020

I have model 3 AWD LR without FSD
I got it in December 2019
I have not received 2020.12 update
I am still at 2020.4.1
Any news why I am not greeting updates ?

Frank99 | 20. März 2020

As of this morning, 38% of Teslas are still on 2020.4.1, so you're not getting left behind.

I've owned my Model 3 for almost two years; in that time, I've gotten updates several weeks after they first started rolling out, and I've been at the head of the line and gotten updates before anyone else reported them. There's no rhyme or reason to when you'll get them. To maximize your chance of getting them as early as possible:
1. Park in a location with strong WiFi and good LTE coverage.
2. Set 'Controls' > 'Software' > 'Software Update Preference' to 'Advanced'
3. Live a good, clean, giving, and caring life. Go to bed early, brush your teeth, and call your parents just to say 'Hi'.

mumnoon1 | 20. März 2020

thanks frank99

M3phan | 20. März 2020

...and wash your hands vigorously and thoroughly for 20 seconds.