How to extend warranty

How to extend warranty

2 different service rep told me that I can go home and purchase extended warranty before my initial warranty expires. Now it's the last day and I cannot find a place to purchase extended warranty after I log in. Any tips anyone?

Thank you!

Triggerplz | 18. März 2020

It can be done at a service center

mathwhiz | 19. März 2020

It's actually called an Extended Service Agreement...

mathwhiz | 19. März 2020

A bit more info:

Where can I purchase the Extended Service Agreement?
The Extended Service Agreement can be directly purchased at your nearest Tesla Service Center.

What is the eligible purchase period for Tesla Extended Service Agreements, and what do they cover?
You may purchase the Extended Service Agreement no later than 30 days or 1,000 miles past the expiration of your New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

starojam | 23. März 2020