Multiple referral miles expiration

Multiple referral miles expiration

Let’s say you have 5 referrals all 1 month apart from each one,
How will the 1000 miles successively expire?

1000 miles every 6 months if not used
6000 miles at 6 months from the last referral if not used?

Anyone have experience with this from the last 18 months?

With the #StayTheFuckHome
I won’t be using them and wonder how they will successively expire

Patronus | 20. März 2020

"Free Supercharger miles will apply to any vehicles on the same account, and will expire 6 months after the miles are added. Each additional referral will extend the previous expiration date by 6 months up to 36 months. If all mileage on an account is used before expiration, expiration date for the next referral is reset to 6 months.”

jd4714 | 20. März 2020

I had a referral in May 2019 and I’m still using the miles so doesn’t seem like they’re expiring.

shank15217 | 20. März 2020

They don't expire, next topic