2018 PM3 or 2020 PM3?

2018 PM3 or 2020 PM3?

Cost of 2018 PM3 is $50480 and it only has 4500 miles! Would you get that over a new PM3? I keep going back and forth and both have pros and cons. What do you guys think?

Lonestar10_1999 | 25. März 2020

Think of it as a computer on wheels. Do you want new (gaming pc with Intel I9 cpu) or used (commodore 64 from a smoke free home).

JAD | 25. März 2020

No significant difference in the car, I would go used. They have the same computer assuming FSD on both cars.

eng.swhitfield | 25. März 2020

@Lonestar10_1999 what's the difference in the computer? and is it a $10k difference?

Lonestar10_1999 | 25. März 2020

The 2020 model makes noise at low speed to aid visually impaired pedestrians. The 2020 also comes with the HW3 computer regardless of whether you purchased FSD.

The commodore 64 gave me fond memories in my adolescent years.

eng.swhitfield | 25. März 2020

@Lonestar10_1999 couldn't you just get Tesla to retrofit the older model to HW3? I've heard some people doing this.

Magic 8 Ball | 25. März 2020

Yes, if you buy FSD your car will end up with HW3, retrofit if required. Note Tesla makes running changes and they are not really documented. One example is the belly cover. Early Vins had a resin impregnated fabric and newer Vins have the more durable plastic covers. Very early Vins had an "Alcantara" headliner and later Vins not. I am sure there are more. So if you want the latest "greatest" get the new car.

fazman | 25. März 2020

@lonestar10 Search about some rumors in the code about a 100 kwh battery coming out for the model 3/y (if you are patient you will be reward with new features).

I have a 2018 P3D+ with track package. I am getting about 3 miles of driving range per 1 kwh of battery used and thats with no HVAC and trying to drive like a grandma. If the battery pack is a 74 kwh pack and you are not suppose to charge more than 90% or drain below 10% of battery.. then you have 74 kwh x 80% = 60 kwh of battery available to commonly use.

60 kwh x 3 miles = 180 miles of driving distance for 50 minutes of super charging at a v2 150kw super charger adds up to a lot of time for a battery rated at 310 epa miles.

fazman | 25. März 2020

I would not recommend getting any EV with less than a 100kwh pack (80 kwh useable).

4 miles per 1 kwh battery is impossible unless you drive 25 mph everywhere

fazman | 25. März 2020

Commodore 64 - ahhh the memories!!! “My friends are breaking down my door, to play on my Commodore....... Sixty.... Fourrrrrr” :)

eng.swhitfield | 25. März 2020

@fazman i don't really drive much at all. i work from home and only really use my car on the weekends. it'll be more of a weekend warrior.

bjrosen | 26. März 2020

When was it built in 2018? Tesla's build quality has been improving at a significant rate, I wouldn't buy and early M3. There is also the question of warranty, a new one has two more years of warranty life than a 2018. Finally are you planning on racing the car? If you aren't going to race it don't buy the Performance version. The 20" wheels are fragile and they detract from the range. If you really aren't happy with the 4.4 second 0-6 of the AWD then you can drop it to 3.9 seconds for only $2K which you could choose to do at anytime. A new AWD costs less that that used performance model.

M3phan | 26. März 2020

Easy to disconnect/reconnect the Pedestrian
Noise Maker:

M3phan | 26. März 2020

Not advocating of course, I have a 2018 so moot point for me.

FISHEV | 26. März 2020

With Tesla newer will always be better. And the price difference is not that much and you might have a state EV credit.

Scrannel | 26. März 2020

I love my noise maker! Wish I could get it to say things to peds.

TexasBob | 26. März 2020

stuff you should get with the 2018: free premium connectivity for life (make sure it transfers), NEMA 14-50 adapter, homelink, frunk mat. All of that worth about $1k over 5 years,

If the person bought EAP (probably did) you will get Nav on AP even if you do not buy FSD. You should also be able to upgrade to FSD for $3k still (I think) and get a new computer.

I depends what you want on your vehicle. If you can upgrade to FSD for $3k (ask current owner to do it) it will save you more vs the new one.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 26. März 2020

“ If the battery pack is a 74 kwh pack and you are not suppose to charge more than 90% or drain below 10% of battery.. then you have 74 kwh x 80% = 60 kwh of battery available to commonly use.”

Oh, hi Fish.

spuzzz123 | 27. März 2020

Lol exactly MAB another account has been set up

ksrehman | 27. März 2020

2020 ... Tesla continuously improves their cars rather than waiting for a 'new model year' to change anything

shonn.burton | 27. März 2020

I just bought a 2018 PM3+ with enhanced auto pilot and Homelink for $52K. I consider that a steal considering a new 2020 model with FSD and Homelink will run you $65K plus another $300 for Homelink. With only 10K miles on it, it was practically brand new and in pristine condition! FSD provide some autopilot enhancements that EAP does not, but I can upgrate to FSD for $4k! So even with a $4k addition to my purchase price I'm still way below $65.3K. Go used if the mileage is low! Many non-Tesla dealerships don't realize what they are selling. Mine was advertised as a Long Range AWD with no mention of Enhanced Autopilot or Homelink. They are giving away a lot of features that people originally paid a premium price for!

RayNLA | 28. März 2020

Always go new!
The longer warranty will save you on the back end!