Rear Speakers and Subwoofer Intermittent

Rear Speakers and Subwoofer Intermittent

The rear speakers and subwoofer cut out intermittently. This is independent of the music source. Resets usually fix the issue but it randomly returns. Disconnecting my phones seems to stop it from happening. I am thinking the audio is errantly going to a mode where it mutes to receive an incoming call. I am really not inclined to have someone else in the car (service) right now and it is also so intermittent that it is very likely not to be present when service arrives. Has anyone had a similar experience? Was the fix hardware (seems unlikely) or is there a setting or app on IPhone 11 that may be causing this that I can tweak to stop it.

Lots of time of course on the warranty and just a nuisance but if anyone has experienced this and can help me solve this it would be great. Other than a lumbar bag failure and self inflicted damage the vehicle has been 100%.

Thanks in advance.

M3phan | 26. März 2020

Might be a loose connection? Mobile service could handle that I think.

M3phan | 26. März 2020

Oops saw more details on you post. No mobile visits right now good move.

bjrosen | 26. März 2020

Almost certainly a hardware issue, probably a bad connection, could be a bad amplifier. If it were a software problem then the reset would have fixed it.

Joe M | 26. März 2020

With rare exceptions resetting the car does fix it. If it’s not something often experienced by others then it may be hardware. I will schedule when the situation passes. I would guess if the phone is hanging the audio up it would be more prevalent. Thanks