Model X P100DL Raven Range - First Trip

Model X P100DL Raven Range - First Trip

MARLIN29485 | March 29, 2020
Just recently upgraded MX 100D to MX Raven P100DL Long Range with 20” rims.

First trip (weather was 70 degrees) flat and partially hilly trip. Averaged about 69 miles an hour. 222.9 miles 66.8kWh 300Wh/mi. Range would be 333 miles based on average. In my previous Model X I would estimate same trip to be 325 Wh/mi. Tire pressure 46lbs, Sport Mode Acceleration.

It was a loop trip from Richmond to Warrenton.

Outbound of trip did not drive above 70mph on the interstate and averaged about 314 Wh/mi. Brakes set to creep mode. The way back I changed to none on brakes and nestled in behind a semi half way back at about 75mph and Watts dropped significantly. This in my estimation is a combination of battery being heated, brake mode none and drafting. The actual time I was behind the semi which the last 50% I would guess I was averaging 290 Wh/mi at 75 mph.

I wasn’t looking for a Performance, but was able to get discount on a demo vehicle. Wow what a difference in normal acceleration as compared to standard. I couldn’t be happier with the upgrade to Raven. I was so happy with the trip I decided to name my model x Raven.

I am not sure all of what is going on between the long range raven and long range plus, but I would suggest it’s primarily software and EPA rating. I say this because if you look at the range on Performance, which is based on 22” wheels, it has not changed.

Hope that helps this helps everyone on any range questions with the Raven MX.

Uncle Paul | 12. April 2020

Any comment on the new adaptable suspension. Thought it make a big difference to me, both in quiet cruising and smoother ride.

azucena | 13. April 2020

New versions of the Model S and the Model X- codenamed as 'Raven'- which included a new adaptative suspension system and an overall increase in range.

ObieX | 13. April 2020


mbp11 | 14. April 2020

How do you flag a spammer, and how do these people get on the authorized owners list?? I am baffled!

Triggerplz | 14. April 2020

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