Tesla Emergency Tire Inflator

Tesla Emergency Tire Inflator

New 2020 Model X. I am considering purchasing the Tesla flat pump kit, recognizing I will need tire and sensor replaced if used in flat. Plan is to add the Slime kit and pliers for removing screw-nail before inflating. I am considering this kit versus making my own since it is self contained and a Tesla product. Has anyone purchased this from Tesla and had to use it or even repair a tire after using the Tesla kit. Thx all.

lilbean | 14. April 2020

I would forget the slime and just get a tire repair kit with plugs instead.

jjgunn | 14. April 2020

Agree with @lilbean.... like this one which saved me a couple months ago


Plus I have a 12v Compressor which works great inflating tires to about 45 PSI within 10 minutes or less

rob | 14. April 2020

I'm with @lilbean and @jjgunn. Went with a 12v Oasser compressor and Boulder Tools plug repair kit. Lucky me, haven't needed them yet!

rjrc | 15. April 2020

Good idea jjgunn!

lilbean | 15. April 2020

I have a black and decker air compressor. I've used it once for my MIL and another time for my car when my tire hand a nail in it. I inflated enough to get me to the tire shop. Great purchase.

hilliard528 | 15. April 2020

Thanks all for inputs!!

igroza | 20. April 2020

I bought it. Haven't used it yet. It provides some sort of peace of mind. I hope I don't have to use it.

hilliard528 | 21. April 2020

Thanks I am leaning that direction, I also bought a plug kit. Do you know if it can be used without the sealant so not to ruin the sensor? Thx

Nakid | 21. April 2020

I bought the repair kit in case my wife needs it while she's out. But for me, I have plugs and the compressor can be used without putting the sealant in.

hilliard528 | 21. April 2020

Oh great info. Thanks!!