tesla X hitch weight

tesla X hitch weight

I have a model x that I'd like to carry 2 eBikes X 65 lb plus the weight of the Thule Bike Rack of 45 lb. According to the manual that exceeds the hitch Vertical weight support limit. Yet I see people doing this. Have any
of you had experience with hauling heavy bikes with the X on a Hitch supported rack? Thanks.

Mtnrunner | 20. April 2020

I sold my Thule classic rack, too heavy, and replaced it with a Yakima Dr.Tray and tote two Specialized Turbo Levos. I remove the batteries, which very easy to do, and rack and bikes weigh in at <120lbs.

It’s a great rack too, some bad reviews of it out there so I hesitated but once I got it and used it I realized bad reviews were fake news.

Some may be exceeding the weight without knowing it but not a good idea for long journeys on bumpy roads