locking key inside

locking key inside

had my 2017 X for only a few months and discovered today that it is possible to lock vehicle with key inside . is there any fix for that ?
thanks anthony. | 26. April 2020

The best fix is to not leave your FOB inside, but if you must, leave it in one of the center cup holders. That should keep the car unlocked. Remember also you can unlock the car from your phone app. Try not to leave both in the car :)

Redmiata98 | 26. April 2020

Must have been a change to the default in newer models. My 2016 P90L model will NOT lock if there is a key fob detected in the car when you walk away. I have even “locked” it via the app and also tried with another fob. In both cases, it goes through the lock sequence of light flash, beep and mirror retraction BUT the vehicle does not really lock and can be opened by pushing the door handle. But, if I use the lock icon on the touchscreen inside the car while the fob is in the car it will really lock. The way my car reacts may be tied to the walk-away setting. Try enabling the walkaway lock setting and see if yours acts the same.
“To turn this feature on or off, touch Controls > Vehicle > Walk-Away Door Lock.
Note: If Model X detects an authenticated key for five minutes after you exit the vehicle and close all doors, Walk-Away Lock disables and will not lock when you leave with the key. You will need to manually lock your vehicle until after your next drive.” P17 user guide.

fisher123 | 27. April 2020

thank you so much for your responses . the lesson , don't leave key and phone in the vehicle !

akikiki | 02. Juni 2020

Tesla or non-Tesla.

n7142701886 | 02. Juni 2020

Whenever my cars (X and 3) are ready for pick up in Tesla service but I was unable to arrive during their work hours (usually arrived at 8:00 PM), I told them to leave key fob (X) and key card (Tesla 3) inside the car, then I used my phone to unclock.
Tesla they can do it all times.

cornellio | 03. Juni 2020

That's a lot better than losing your key fob while on a road trip to a remote mountain destination without cell service. I've done that and wouldn't recommend it.