Moving MIDDLE ROW seats causes FRONT seat to RECLINE

Moving MIDDLE ROW seats causes FRONT seat to RECLINE

We have a 3-Row, 2 middle seat Model X.

Yesterday I had to put something larger in the rear so I flipped down the rear seats and went to move the middle row seats forward.

I was trying to move the middle seat on the passenger side using the buttons on the back of the seat -- immediately when I press the forward button, the middle seat started moving forward as expected however the FRONT PASSENGER seat started to RECLINE.

I immediately let go of the button and the front passenger seat continues to recline and does not stop until it cannot go further -- in theory crushing the person in the middle row.

I was able to reset the seat configuration and repeat this over and over.

Some backstory:

New Model X purchased in 2019. Never had any issue like this before.

We just had one of the falcon doors replaced (the right passenger door) due to damage. The repair was done at a body shop that was highly suggested and authorized by the Tesla service center. Clearly replacing the door involves electronics and wiring -- and I remember the body shop mentioning that the center support column running down the middle of the car contains electronics.

The body shop states that "nothing they did would have anything to do with this".

I currently have a service call in to Tesla (awaiting response) -- Anyone have experience with anything like this?