California is Drunk With Power

California is Drunk With Power

SpaceX applied, like every business in the state can, for training funds for SpaceX employees.

California rejected their training because . . . they don't like anyone considering leaving the state. They are punishing SpaceX for Tesla considering leaving. Grotesque fascist tactics. Anyone doubt that this isn't the first time Tesla/SpaceX has had "difficulties" in applying for these programs or other help from the State?

From the article:

"Five members of California’s Employment Training Panel voted to reject the proposal and two voted for it, with one member absent, after discussing Musk’s tweets on Tesla’s reopening and media reports of layoffs at SpaceX’s Hawthorne, California headquarters in recent years."

“In my opinion, given the recent threats of the CEO to leave the state of California, and everything else we’ve discussed today, this proposal does not rise to the level for me to feel secure in supporting it,” said Gretchen Newsom, a panel member and the political director of an IBEW electrical workers union local.

“SpaceX is a different company, but they have the same CEO,” said Newsom, who is not related to California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Though a small amount of money, the funding was opposed by organized labor groups. Tesla and SpaceX are both nonunion shops. The funding from the state employment development fund was supposed to help SpaceX train 900 employees for its Starlink satellite project and hire 300 to work on its Starship program.

akgolf | 15. Mai 2020

Maybe California will be happy to have SpaceX choose a new home.

SamO | 15. Mai 2020

I've spent many of the best moments of my life at the SpaceX facility and Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne and would be sad to see them go. The state needs to recognize that they have a serious hostility towards business that is destroying their reputation for innovation.

I've been reluctant to criticize the state based upon my own direct personal experiences working with California through a variety of agencies and courts, but I'm now convinced that California is, on balance, shooting itself in the foot, more often than not.

wytknukls | 15. Mai 2020

I dunno, Cal. has the fifth largest economy in the world. Must be doing something right.

rob | 15. Mai 2020

You are so right. I thought TX was big. It's 2nd in the US ahead of NY, FL, Illinois. But Cal is huge. About 30% bigger than TX.

But, is Cal inflating or deflating? TX is definitely growing.

SamO | 15. Mai 2020

This is a logical fallacy. Something is large therefore it must be operated perfectly.


FISHEV | 15. Mai 2020

Musk long ago canceled the lease on the CA SpaceX facility and said he was moving SpaceX to Texas, the leading anti-EV, anti-Tesla state in the nation.

But it does have a lot of aerospace mfg base due to US government welfare for Texas for Houston NASA facilities.

If manufacturing in Texas for shipping to FL launches, it makes logistical sense.

But why would Musk be asking CA for training money for operations he’s already moved to TX?

rob | 15. Mai 2020

Fish is the leader of the illiterati. He is the FISHatolah of anti-humanity! The Putinesk fascista of Nazi Hooliganism.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 15. Mai 2020

“ Cal. has the fifth largest economy in the world. ”

Lucking into Silicon Valley was a stroke of genius. Unfortunately my state leadership hasn’t managed to harness it in a sustainable way. We are precariously reliant on a tiny portion of the populous.

quinney | 15. Mai 2020

Government officials cannot allow Mump's threats and extortion to be successful, setting a precedent for future abuses by other companies. I agree that he will fit in much better in Texas and we here in California will just try to muddle through with the companies who view themselves as part of the community, rather than viewing the community as fodder for their profitability.

FISHEV | 15. Mai 2020

Well somebody's drunk if they think a committee dispensing training funds for SpaceX denies them to SpaceX since SpaceX just moved out of LA for TX.

"In March 2018, SpaceX indicated that it would manufacture its next-generation, 9 m (30 ft)-diameter launch vehicle, the Starship at a new facility on the Los Angeles waterfront in the San Pedro area. The company had leased an 18-acre (73,000 m2) site near Berth 240 in the Los Angeles, however in January 2019 the lease was canceled and the construction of Starship moved to a new site in South Texas."

FISHEV | 15. Mai 2020

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | May 15, 2020 Lucking into Silicon Valley was a stroke of genius."

More a result of CA's public universities being leading science centers and developing oh...things like networking and the internet...much of which came out of CA being chosen for defense industries during WWII by...government.

Trumper's just don't know history.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 15. Mai 2020

You might be under the delusion that they’re still free for residents.
They aren’t.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 15. Mai 2020

In California today, about 1% of the residents fund about 40% of the state spending. 2021 will be a reckoning.

blkice | 15. Mai 2020

The SF Peninsula in the late 1970,s to about 2001 was the best place on Earth. IMO Not Luck Just a great place to live and work

SCCRENDO | 15. Mai 2020

It still is

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 15. Mai 2020

Too much poop these days. I prefer my digs (north San Diego county)

FISHEV | 15. Mai 2020

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | May 15, 2020 You might be under the delusion that they’re still free for residents.

Heck no...some goofball named Reagan gutted the crown jewel CA public universities and then gutted the US with deficits and debt. Good thing CA got the internet, auto and defense industries in during the peak when public universities created so much knowledge and tech.

ytr3wq | 15. Mai 2020

California takes care of its people, businesses are rich and power enough to take care of themselves.

Some business owners want to live in California. Most of the California coast is beautiful, much cooler, less humid and less polluted than Texas. There are also more bigots acting crazy in the South then there are in coastal Cali.

I'm not worried about California jobs.

blue adept | 16. Mai 2020


In addition to a few local lawmakers who've got their panties in a bunch it's those damn labor unions being all pissy again because Elon hasn't any interest in letting some non-related third party entity get a piece of the Space X/Tesla Motors pie so they decided to call in some of their favors to shut out Space X's request.

Here was Elon requesting a loan to finance the training of future employees to add to the 6,000 that are already working there and he got shot down because some labor union mafioso type wasn't getting a "cut" for themselves.

Add that to the over 48,000 working at Tesla Motors, the 2,000 at The Boring Company, the 90 at Neuralink, the 15,000+ at SolarCity and, at over 71,000+, that's a pretty huge chunk of the California revenue generating workforce that the Californian bureaucrats would be screwing California out of should Elon decide to pack up and move shop, et al.

They need to shelve their politics, move offside and let the man go through before the man decides to close shop.

FISHEV | 16. Mai 2020

"Add that to the over 48,000 working at Tesla Motors, the 2,000 at The Boring Company, the 90 at Neuralink, the 15,000+ at SolarCity and, at over 71,000+,"

Well 10,000 at Fremont, maybe 1,000 at the Palo Alto HQ. SpaceX left LA for TX already. Solar City is maybe 3,000 in CA with most in NY PV factory. Shame to lose them and hopefully Musk will pay back the $2B in tax credits he's received over last 10 years as he still owes $1B as these tax breaks are up front while the benefits are over the long term.

CA citizens he's screwing are also his biggest customers so with other EV's coming to market and EV infrastructure in CA and West Coast building out, they might take their business elsewhere also.

Can't see Musk moving to TX though, small stage for him.

Tesla2018 | 16. Mai 2020

Musk is probably afraid that California will fall into
the ocean and Cape Canaveral will be underwater before we all can move to Mars.
So a move to Texas would be safe.

SCCRENDO | 16. Mai 2020

@Tesla2018. Looks like the social isolation is getting to you. Or are you smoking something?

Tesla2018 | 16. Mai 2020

Screendo- No Musk has smoked enough for all of us. He is acting like a drugged out hippie who wants to fight the establishment. I'm surprised he didn't name his kid MarsUnit.

SCCRENDO | 16. Mai 2020

@Tesla2018. Perhaps it the social isolation that is getting to you.

SamO | 16. Mai 2020

+1 blue adept. There are numerous examples of California’s hostility to Tesla, including favoring Hydrogen over batteries, changing the law on battery swap to prevent Tesla from selling credit that made EVs harder, rather than easier.

Tesla2018 | 16. Mai 2020

Sccrendo I still have to go to work every day and probably deal with as many people as you do in person at your practice but either by phone or remotely behind a glass barrier.. Every night I get Skype meeting calls from friends across the country that are bored since they are stuck at home all day and want to talk to each other after there kids go to sleep. They are like puppies that ate alone all day and are excited and want to play when you come home from work exhausted. I can't be on the phone from 8 to 12 each night because they are bored.

I would love to go into social isolation for a few months and not have to see anyone. My next door neighbor is pissed since we used to go out for dinner once a week since her husband died. I told her I will only talk to her on the phone and even though the restaurants are opening up, I'm not going out. She said you can't live inside forever. I told her that if prisoners of war in Vietnam could be stuck in prison cells for years with nothing, I can stay in my house for a few months.

SCCRENDO | 16. Mai 2020

I am pleased you are being prudent in what you do. Stay safe.

FISHEV | 16. Mai 2020

Tesla2018 | May 16, 202 So a move to Texas would be safe."

Flooding, heat and drought in TX are all getting worse due to global warming from fossil fuels. Musk is now supporting the leaders, the TX politicians who are the leading opponents of climate science and the leading proponents of undoing all the environmental and emissions laws in the US.

SamO | 16. Mai 2020

Texas is the leader in renewable energy generation.

Tesla2018 | 16. Mai 2020

California has earthquakes, fires, and mudslides.
Other places have tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, etc.

Don't matter where you live, Mother Nature can get you one way or the other.

FISHEV | 16. Mai 2020

SamO | May 16, 2020 Texas is the leader in renewable energy generation."

Nope and you can see this by looking at greenhouse gas emissions of you Tesla in TX vs. OR vs. CA.

TX due to amount of fossil fuels was 120 gr/mile vs. 90 for OR and 80 for CA, all because OR and CA use more sustainable energy. TX was exactly national average.

Keep in mind the wind and solar in TX is due to Federal laws on utility emissions, they are "compliance" windmills not a result of enlightened TX policies. TX Congressional delegation has fought hard against emissions controls, fought hard against EV tax credits, fought hard against ZEV credits, fought hard against Tesla $500M life line loan.

On climate change reps and TX voters are anti-climate science and now Musk is supporting that.

WW_spb | 17. Mai 2020

Fish is Anti Tesla and Anti Elon and most likely underground Maga hatter. Don't be fooled by him.

blue adept | 18. Mai 2020


I don't get it"???"

Tesla is a tech company and other than Hollywood, some tourist attractions and a great park system, it is tech companies that have made California what it is today (Silicon Valley anyone?!), so why are they shitting on Tesla?!

It's not like they haven't been contributing to the Californian economy, what with creating a whole new company that provides jobs to thousands of fellow Californians, and all while creating products that have brought not just national, but international acclaim to California by contributing to, fostering, and supporting the Californian pro-ecological philosophy by starting the commercialization of the BEV movement and providing pollution and conflict-free BEV vehicles to the world.

Yet some bureaucratic asshats (who'll go unnamed...for now...but I might later on after I've done some Googling) with their heads up their own asses decided to stall progress by retaliating against Elon by refusing to provide him with funding to sponsor the training of NEW employees for SpaceX all because he (Elon) opted to resume BEV manufacturing at Tesla Motors after the government gave the green light to ALL automobile manufacturers!

Yes, it's a risky proposition, but we have to try something instead of cowering in our homes in fear of the virus and letting the nation regress to some sort of post-apocalyptic depression era dystopia.

Will they be successful? IDK, but what I do know is that people are becoming increasingly anxious and that, as long as Tesla strictly follows and enforces the recommended guidelines, everyone should be alright within the workplace (we'll know one way or the other in a month's time).

Luckily the auto/rocket assembly workplace is an ideal environment for successful distancing and implementation of the necessary safeguards to ward against the outbreak/spread of the virus.

Yes, we're living in very stressful times brought on by this damn pandemic that has everyone on edge, going stir crazy and, in particular, worried about whether they'll be able to return to work so they can continue to support themselves, their families, their children, so we have to at least try.

FISHEV | 18. Mai 2020

@BlueAdept "It's not like they haven't been contributing to the Californian economy, what with creating a whole new company that provides jobs to thousands of fellow Californians"

Tesla is in CA because CA is the leading proponent of EV's. CA has lead the nation with CARB standards that create the need for EV's. CA's Congressional delegation and voters lead the nation in pushing for EV tax credits. For emissions standards. For global warming science that is the basis for EV's in the US and the world. Because the best market for EV's in US is in CA. Because the founders of Tesla had financing from CA startup companies before Musk joined the company. No CA pushing for EVs no market for EV's no Tesla.

At the same time TX was pushing to kill EV's, to eliminate EV credits, to end emissions standards that are the basis for EV's existence.

Nothing has changed in that 10 years other than TX has gotten even more extreme in opposing EV's and CA has gotten stronger in supporting them, fighting off two TX presidents who tried to end CA's CARB standards, end the EV credits, stop any attempts to mitigate global warming emissions at national level while conjuring up 30 years of oil wars to cheap oil to US.

If your goal is EV adoption in US to fight global warming, TX is the last place you build.

WW_spb | 18. Mai 2020

Fish is Anti EV, Anti Tesla and Anti Elon propaganda machine. Don't be fooled by his Covid/Trump copy/paste articles. He is a professional troll.

SamO | 18. Mai 2020

Texas is so hostile to EVs that they are...(checks notes) about to give Tesla a $2B tax break to produce cars.


andy.connor.e | 18. Mai 2020

Good on California. Wouldnt want to keep around exponentially expanding businesses. Maybe they've grown an ego because of all the tech companies. They will be happy to host exclusively tech companies going forward apparently.

Magic 8 Ball | 18. Mai 2020

Take the red pill and get out already.

blue adept | 19. Mai 2020


I think @SamO is right that they (California) have become "drunk with power" or, at the very least, fallen under the "protection racket" influence of the labor unions.

The Employment Training Panel and that Lorena Gonzalez lady are textbook examples of what happens when you give small minded people a little bit of authority over others.

It's pretty clear now that labor officials exert a pretty major influence on local west coast politics which is peculiar given the fact that none of Elon's business ventures are unionized and isn't a labor sponsor, so what this actually is are the unions retaliating against Elon for not cowing to their demands for an undeserved piece of the pie!

So, if California loses Tesla (and it looks like they will), then Californians have only the labor unions to blame.

Thing is, Tesla is a tech company and tech companies tend to stick together so, if you pick on one, you've picked on them all and California just might lose the entire tech scene as a result of their actions against Tesla Motors, gutting their failing economy in the process!

Bye-bye Silicon Valley....

Oh well, I guess they'll still have their park system and vineyards I suppose.

Womp, womp, womp....

andy.connor.e | 19. Mai 2020

The fremont factory is pretty inefficient anyway. They could use an upgrade. And they will.

SamO | 19. Mai 2020

I don't think they are technically "leaving" California even if they move their headquarters or open a new factory.

Fremont will stay open as long as it is cost-efficient to do so. That time may be coming to an end in the near future, or Tesla may stay another 10 years.

I'd bet on the former more than the latter, but I think Tesla won't do anything rash to upset current production at their most productive plant.

andy.connor.e | 19. Mai 2020

No they are not leaving. They are likely to move their headquarters, but as you put, they are unlikely to actually move fremont. Although, California is likely to have a zero percent chance of being the location of any future expansion. Fremont is already maxed out.

andy.connor.e | 19. Mai 2020

fremont = fremont factory

not the HQ.

Uncle Paul | 19. Mai 2020

California was perhaps the best of all places to startup an EV company.

Tesla got a great deal by buying up the abandoned Toyota/GM plant in Fremont. It was just a huge white elephant decaying.

But now, it has become perhaps the worst of all places to ramp up high volume production.

Moving to other, more business friendly places, is perhaps even a bit overdue.

This is what happens when you poke a bear. First they take a bite...then they move on.

Most of the successful high tech startups were begun in Califorina because of the large employee talent pool left over after most of the previous aerospace and airplane technology companies moved out of the state. Those well educated and highly motivated people were frustrated by the lack of alternative employment, so they started up their own companies.

The previous large and successful military industrial complex, aerospace and aero businesses provided all the capital needed to develope world class educational systems. When they left, the liberals moved in and took over those colleges and universities and began to emphacise the liberal arts and social aspects studies.

People point with pride that California is now the 5 most economically powerful state in the World. Not long ago it was the 2nd most powerful, second to only the Untied States of America.

California will plod ahead. More government interference, more regulations, more homeless, more drugs and more people coming out the their Universities with totally unemployable degrees.

People tend to go where they are wanted.

SCCRENDO | 19. Mai 2020

I guess California will just have to settle for the 10s of millions of “unwanted” people that live here

SCCRENDO | 19. Mai 2020
rxlawdude | 19. Mai 2020

"The Employment Training Panel and that Lorena Gonzalez lady are textbook examples of what happens when you give small minded people a little bit of authority over others."

A better example sits in the Oval Office.

blkice | 19. Mai 2020

Lots of California hate
Lots of California stereotypes
Blame Liberals
Blame Unions
All wrong

blue adept | 20. Mai 2020

@SamO & @andy.connor.e

Granted, while I am unaware of the operational capacity of their existing Nevada site, I am aware that there is PLENTY of room for expansion at the Nevada Giga, perhaps enough in fact to accommodate the entire capacity of the Fremont former NUMMI plant.

If CA wants to be stupid or, as appears to be the case despite sentiment expressed to the contrary, Californian administrators don't have the situation as in hand as they might like for others to think they do (and they DON'T given the labor union's recent display of influence regarding business funding allocation), then I think that it would be far simpler to expand or retrofit the existing Giga 1 to accommodate the productions needs of the Fremont factory, albeit even expand on them in fact to up the production capacity to readily offset whatever temporary production losses at Fremont during the transition...There's even more than ample room in Nevada to accommodate SpaceX's operations as well!

Elon has already put a few of his properties on the market and has given them due notice of his intent, I really don't see any reason to stay in CA or a way that CA could convince him to. Who knows, maybe he'll (Elon) maintain a showroom in Fremont for display purposes and rent the rest of the place out to other business interests?!

Alas, egos can get bruised pretty easily...

F*ck California!

andy.connor.e | 20. Mai 2020

Giga nevada is 30% of its maximum size. who knows what else will come of that factory. They can pretty much afford to build whatever they want wherever they want at this point. So it could be more feasible to abandon giga nevada for more efficient all in-house builds.