Please Read First Before Posting On The Forums

Please Read First Before Posting On The Forums

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drrock75k | 14. Juli 2018

All the Tesla forums except this one and Roadster appear in Chinese or Japanese characters. What's going on?

Xerogas | 14. Juli 2018

@drrock75k: "All the Tesla forums except this one and Roadster appear in Chinese or Japanese characters. What's going on?"

drrock75k | 14. Juli 2018

Is there anything that can be done about it at my end?

Xerogas | 14. Juli 2018

@drrock75k: "Is there anything that can be done about it at my end?"
No, you have to wait until Tesla admins clean it out

golfgreen | 15. Juli 2018

I ordered my M3 on 5/10 and got a call from Tesla Nevada last week of June saying that the car will be in LA on 7/1 and I picked it up on 7/3 so less that 2 mths

Charles D | 16. Juli 2018

I ordered my Model 3 in end of May then received a configure email in the beginning of July. Initially they were going to schedule delivery October to December. Now they are saying it will be ready August - October.

Magic 8 Ball | 17. Juli 2018

I like turtles

Magic 8 Ball | 17. Juli 2018

BTW has anyone else wondered why the first reply to this "sticky" was on April Fools Day?

DMSDesign | 18. Juli 2018

Is it possible to add a search function to the forums?

Flanmansd | 18. Juli 2018

@DMSDesign - go here, works great

TM3VT | 20. Juli 2018

For now, one way to search - go to, type "search for something here"

It works...

Coastal Cruiser. | 24. Juli 2018

Uh, Tesla Ownership, your new posting rules are a ted too restrictive. The forum deleted a new post I just made when I tried to edit it. Now I can't create any new threads because I've hit the maximum number of posts today (which is apparently one).

andy.connor.e | 24. Juli 2018

Same here. Made zero posts today and i cant make a new topic because i exceeded the amount.

Lla4u2 | 25. Juli 2018

Seriously, I tried to post last night and received confirmation that the topic was created... it was not. Tried again this morning and apparently I have hit my limit for the day, even though nothing has been posted. It was actually a glowing review of delivery and service. Too bad Tesla doesn't want me to add some positive posts to their board.

maki808 | 25. Juli 2018

Why not have a search function on the forum so duplicate post will occur less?

Safiya | 25. Juli 2018

I'm feeling hoodwinked. I signed up to buy a Tesla 3 within the first 3 days of the announcement. My hope was to secure mine before the expiration of the tax credit. Things are looking bleak, Elon.

Samoshi | 26. Juli 2018

Is anyone else having trouble with an echo with their Bluetooth connection? All calls have a Terrible who on the receiving end. Is there a fix?

Samoshi | 26. Juli 2018

Is anyone else having trouble with an echo with their Bluetooth connection? All calls have a Terrible who on the receiving end. Is there a fix?

Xerogas | 27. Juli 2018

To everyone thinking of posting on the forums: it’s spelled “brakes”. Homonyms are a thing.

Mike83 | 28. Juli 2018

There may be many fake M3 owners posting. No surprise there. Verified owners who ask questions are not the one's making up stories.

Coastal Cruiser. | 30. Juli 2018

Having a lot of trouble posting new threads. Now the system has deleted a long time post of mine when I went to update it.

Coastal Cruiser. | 30. Juli 2018

Helloooo in there.... Earth to forum control .... the forum is not working correctly.....

Is their anybody in there?

Elsonmw7 | 31. Juli 2018

Shouldn't your vehicle somehow let you know when it unlocks? When I walk up to my new M3 using my Android phone as the key, nothing happens. I just have to keep trying to open the door until it let's me in. I had a MS loaner recently and the lights flashed and of course the door handles popped out. I believe the mirrors unfolded also. The M3 does nothing to let you know it's unlocked. Am I missing something?

Rutrow 3 | 01. August 2018

Yeah, your missing the purpose of this pinned thread. It should be limited to posts about HOW to use the forum. It's not for questions about the car. Try to search other threads related to your question, if you don't find anything, start a new thread for your question. (Hint, there's already information about your question!!!)

Mike83 | 03. August 2018

Beware of non Tesla owners posting fake issues; Trolls. They come and go randomly. Normally easy to spot.

Mediumed | 04. August 2018

Are there any moderators or anyone at all overseeing the forum? It would be kind of nice if there were.

3buzybeez | 10. August 2018

I just added a 30 amp 220 v plug in my garage. Is that adaquate to charge my model 3? Thx for any info

JAD | 10. August 2018

Yes, that should be fine to charge.

nttesla | 11. August 2018

I heard it had to be a 50amp

Bighorn | 12. August 2018

It can be “any amp.” I’ve used 30A for 5 years—will be even better for a 3.

fjstill | 13. August 2018

I have a new Model 3. The FM radio worked for the first couple of weeks. Now it will not turn on. We’ve tried everything on the screen, rotated the left hand scroll control, moved it back and forth, etc. The volume icon on the screen works, shows x for off, the bar for volume. I can’t find anything that helps in the manual.
Any suggestions? Do I need to bring it in? Thanks

Francis Stillman

Rocky_H | 16. August 2018

What in the WORLD is with all of these weirdos using Tesla's official announcement sticky post about how to use the forum to ask questions about their cars in the comments?

Xerogas | 16. August 2018

@Rocky_H: agreed. Although Tesla could solve this by locking this thread.

AZTesla | 21. August 2018

This thread is officially *locked*. Any person posting in this thread henceforth will have their Tesla Model 3 electric automobile confiscated and donated to Uber. You have been warned.

johnmann | 21. August 2018

Surely you can’t be serious.

Carl Thompson | 21. August 2018

Don't call me Shirley.

anjana.sukumar | 24. August 2018

How do you search topics in the forum so that you can check if there is a similar thread before posting your topic.

Flanmansd | 24. August 2018

First, read the posts in this thread. You'll find what you're looking for.

Carl Thompson | 24. August 2018

"How do you search topics in the forum ..."

There is no search built directly into the forum, unfortunately. You can search by using Google: just preface your search phrase in Google with "" (without the quotes). So, for example if you wanted to search for posts about Model 3 insurance you could type a search like this into Google: model 3 insurance

Croseboom | 26. August 2018

I can't find a way to put a deposit on a "standard" battery model. It automatically kicks me to the more quickly available high mileage model. Any thoughts?

JAD | 27. August 2018

Standard battery is not yet available. Late this year.

lesliefcrawford | 29. August 2018

Maybe I'm just not seeing it- is there a search function for the forum? I want to find info but perhaps the question has already been posted, and answered. I'd hate to clog up the forum with repetitive questions! Just add a search button to the top of the page, thanks, or let me know where I can find the search option

Sunergy-NJ | 29. August 2018
Sunergy-NJ | 29. August 2018
lajones | 31. August 2018

A search function in this forum would be very helpful!!!

ttoms | 04. September 2018

I received an order confirmation the first week of July '18 for a Model 3, Long Range, AWD vehicle with an "Estimated delivery Sept. '18 - Nov. '18". Are these delivery dates believable?
What is the typical time between receiving your VIN and a scheduled delivery?

JAD | 05. September 2018

Vin to delivery is a week or two and the delivery windows seem about right. Just remember Sept to Nov does not mean Sept 1 like many people here seem to believe.

HZwerling | 11. September 2018

Charging Model 3 in the rain...

My car lives outside. Is it safe to charge it outside while it’s raining?

johnmann | 11. September 2018

I live in Seattle and charge outside everyday. We get a little rain here sometimes. It's designed to be operated in all normal weather conditions and is definitely safe